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   Chapter 159 Devour Beast Fire

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"If you don't leave them now, you're going to ruin yourself," Ricky muttered coldly.

Truth be told, Ivan didn't really care about Ellen and Tyler. It was his prestige he was worried about. Their living or death would definitely have an effect on him. After all, Ellen and Tyler were members of his team.

As for Ricky, he didn't want to waste his time on Ivan either. Beast Fire might not have been the lucky chance he had been hoping for, but for his companions, it was something they once didn't even dream of having.

Ricky would never let them give up the precious opportunity they'd been given all because of Ellen and Tyler.

In hindsight, Ricky was also sure that Ivan and Andrew were growing more and more impatient at him for assuming that Ivan only wanted to associate himself with Ricky in order to save face and not actually because he was concerned of Ellen and Tyler's well-being.

Therefore, he knew that he must win soon.

There wasn't much Ellen and Tyler could do to threaten Ricky any further now, but Ricky was also well aware that they might still cause trouble that would jeopardize him and his people.

"Ricky!" Ivan called insidiously. All he could think of now was how he could get Ricky out of his way. In that moment, however, warriors flooded in. No less than two floors of the Ragged Iron Pagoda became full of them at once.

If they had still been locked in a stalemate, they wouldn't even have been able to enter Ragged Iron Pagoda, especially with Beast Fire.

Meanwhile, Ricky grinned at Ivan's exasperated expression for he knew, at that point, that he was definitely going to win.

"Here is where you'll die, Ricky!" Ivan snorted as he took the lead to rush towards Ragged Iron Pagoda with Andrew and Marcel on his heel. They had no choice but to compromise now.

Catching a glimpse of what was happening around them, Ellen and Tyler turned white as a sheet of paper, both of them filling up with despair.

"Marcel, you truly are the biggest coward I've seen. You're even a coward in bed!" Going all out in the face of death, Ellen cursed Marcel.

Marcel just ignored it, of course. Why would he be affect

Devouring Fire and the Heaven Melting Fire, in his Chaotic Fire Zone could hardly wait to devour the flame of Beast Fire.

"I know you can't wait to devour it. Come out now!" Ricky muttered quietly.

With no time to waste, Ricky activated Chaotic Fire Skill right away in order to extract the Devouring Fire from the Fusion Fire. Then, the Devouring Fire formed a circle above his arms as it rushed towards the Burning Ocher Beast Fire.

At first, the Beast Fire threatened to burn Ricky to death. But the moment it was touched by the power of Devouring Fire, the Burning Ocher Beast Fire suddenly lost his nerve and started sending a signal to beg for Ricky's forgiveness, telling Ricky to spare him and let him be a part of his strength.

Despite the Beast Fire's pleas, Ricky just shook his head slightly, and immediately cast a bloody fire fist that turned into an enormous mouth which swallowed the Burning Ocher Beast Fire whole.

Afterwards, Ricky felt the energy flow from the force of the Burning Ocher Beast Fire blending with the Devouring Fire. He felt the power of the Devouring Fire growing stronger, slowly but surely.

"I knew it. Devouring Beast Fire is the most efficient way to make my Devouring Fire even stronger," Ricky said to himself, "If I can devour each and every Beast Fire in Ragged Iron Pagoda, then Devouring Fire, Heaven Melting Fire together with Chaotic Fire Skill will be my aces in the hole."

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