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   Chapter 158 They Both Stay Here

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Ivan would probably not believe that Ricky got an incomplete spiritual meridian; however, such rumor could not be just some gossip that circulated among the common people. If the rumor was true, then that would mean Ricky's spiritual meridian was definitely damaged before.

Spiritual meridian could be the strongest part of a warrior, yet it could also be the weakest. It could make or break a warrior. On the other hand, the spiritual meridian itself was so fragile that a strike with just a little applied force could destroy it. Over the years, warriors had come up with ways to protect it from getting harmed, though those protective measures would still fail at times.

But Ricky could make it today with his spiritual meridian--despite it suffering from a big blow--together with his mysterious manual thanks to the incredible gift he had obtained. Without it, he would have faced deeper problems and his life would be at stake. Nevertheless, this incredible gift could not be possessed by just anyone.

Knowing how powerful that gift was, Ivan had his eyes on it. He believed that if he took it from Ricky, he would be the best warrior with casting and martial arts skills in the Realm of Wildness. Even the top talents from the Realm of Wildness could not compete with him and should a challenge be issued, he would not break a sweat at all.

'Ivan looks pretty powerful. It seems that he spends as much time and energy on martial arts as he does on casting, ' Ricky thought to himself. 'And the warrior that followed him may be even more powerful than Ivan. This battle is going push us to our limits.'

At this time, the man behind Ivan began to make their move. He walked towards Ricky, Ivan following suit in a steady pace. The two men surrounded Ricky and Ivan made no gesture to stop what was happening.

He had seen Ricky's power. He had felt it within the tremor in his muscles and the air that went through his lungs. Ricky emanated power wherever he went even when he was trying to keep it low. Ivan knew that beating Ricky was an extremely difficult task to overcome, let alone killing him. If he was honest with himself, there was a big chance that it was him who might end up dead.

As cowardly as it might seem to other warriors, Ivan and the other man decided to fight Ricky together. Two against one. It wasn't the most honorable strategy, but if they won, who would care about how they did it? All the people would remember was the fact that they beat Ricky and nothing else. Ivan could care less about his reputation. What mattered was the gift and how he could take it from Ricky. If he could just get his hands on it...

"They have both reached the ninth grade of Blood Purification. And they're not rookies, either. Looks like things are going to get ugly for Ricky," several people commented as they watched the scene unfolding before them.

"Indeed, it is impossible for Ricky to challenge two warriors of the ninth grade of Blood Purification no matter how strong he is now. A warrior reaching the ninth grade is no ordin

g around his dead body if someone managed to kill him, right?

Ivan knew the odds of him getting Ricky's gift was against him, so he decided to go for the Beast Fire instead.

Otherwise, he ran the risk of not getting any Beast Fire since all the warriors here were after the same thing and the Beast Fire would run out by the time his fight with Ricky was finished.

With a wink at Andrew and the others, he turned around and headed for the tower.

They understood his signal and tried to get out of the fight at once.

What they didn't expect, though, was that Ricky would get in the way. A mocking smile went up to his lips as he stopped them from running towards the pagoda. Seeing what Ricky just did, Pompeo also went in front of them to stop them in their tracks.

"Ricky, what are you doing? If you keep me here, I'd miss the opportunity to get the Beast Fire, and so will you," Ivan said coldly as he glared at his opponent.

He could not believe that Ricky would stop them than get his share of the Beast Fire. And even if Ricky didn't care about it, Ivan doubted those four guys behind him felt the same way. They wanted the Beast Fire, too. He was sure of it.

"Of course, I want it. But they must stay, or you and I will not get the Beast Fire today," Ricky replied with a sneer as he pointed to Ellen and Tyler.

Ellen and Tyler shivered whenever they looked at Ricky. Ever since that day they almost died in his hands, they couldn't shake off the feeling of cruelty that he emitted. Even though they tried hard to hide it, they were still terrified of him.

Ellen then turned to Marcel and stared at him with puppy eyes.

Resisting the urge to scoff and roll his eyes, Marcel turned to Andrew and Ivan instead. It was obvious. She was just a cheap chick and he was not the least affected. He didn't care for her at all. The decision was up to Andrew and Ivan.

"Ricky, come on! Do you really want to waste time with me here?" Ivan exclaimed in horror, his eyes reflecting a little bit of panic and anger.

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