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   Chapter 157 Duel With Ivan

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"Marcel, stop whining and just do it!" When Marcel hesitated, Ricky heard a familiar voice that he knew very well!

As the four figures approached, the warriors had no choice but to step aside and make way for them.

It was Ivan, Andrew, and their followers.

"Here they come!" Ricky murmured after seeing them, "Well, now would be a good time for us to finish something. Otherwise, we might not get another chance!"

"Well, that's something I'd love to see!" the warriors said when they saw Andrew and Ivan.

A lot of warriors expected Ricky to fight with Ivan and others. This way, they would have less enemies to deal with.

Although Ricky and Ivan were not the strongest duo, they still shouldn't be taken lightly because of the Casting Guild behind them!


"Cousin Andrew! I'm so glad that you're here!" Marcel said, excited to see his cousin!

Although Andrew was not good in combat, Marcel knew that his followers were the younger generation of his family and at the ninth grade of Blood Purification and getting closer and closer to the peak.

Ivan and his follower were also at the ninth grade of Blood Purification.

Seeing how powerful they were, Ellen felt relieved.

"Yes, I'm here!" Andrew answered with a nod. Then he and Ivan looked at Ricky at the same time!

"Little bastard! We've been looking all over for you!" Andrew said coldly. The tension between him and Ricky was not a secret anymore. There was no longer a need to be polite to each other.

"Oh, really? Then I guess I should be thanking you for your concern!" Ricky sneered.

"Nevertheless, you better not miss me. Because I always feel a little icky when missed by such a short man like you!"

Ha-ha! Ha-ha! Almost all the warriors could not help but laugh after hearing Ricky's words. Because height had always been a pain for Andrew, and Ricky's words struck right through him.

By this time, Andrew's eyes were almost misty.

Then he turned on his ferocious f


A loud explosion covered the area. The two fists clashed together, the waves turned into ripples and swept through the entire place. The warriors around felt an intense heat.

And they were forced to retreat.

Amidst all the chaos, Ricky and Ivan retreated hastily, leaving deep traces on the yellow sand.

Ivan's eyes had become even more intense than it was before.

Before Ricky entered the Earth Fire Place, he was absolutely at the fifth grade of Blood Purification. It only took him a few days to reach the seventh grade of Blood Purification, and could already fight with the warriors at the ninth grade of Blood Purification. There could only be two reasons.

First of all, Ricky was a genius who could challenge the upper class. Geniuses like him were extremely rare even in the Heaven Wood Land. As long as they didn't die, they were guaranteed to become genius masters in the future.

Second, it was because Ricky had gained many opportunities in the past few days. As for this point, Ivan could see from Kayla and Theo.

All Ivan could think of was that he wanted to kill Ricky as soon as he got the chance. He was jealous of his talent and luck.

'Die! He must die! Everything that he has, his powers, his mysterious manual, they all belong to me!' Ivan snarled fiercely in his heart.

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