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   Chapter 156 Pompeo Took Action

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The two of them were Tyler and Ellen, whom Ricky had let off before because of Theo's benevolence and persuasion.

'Indeed, they found some back-ups and came over here to get back at me. I hope that Theo can become more decisive during the fighting after experiencing this turn of events. Otherwise, in this world where the weak are easy prey to the strong, he will be injured or killed easily!' Ricky thought, glaring at Tyler and Ellen.

Then Ricky turned to look at the young man who spoke earlier.

He wasn't that handsome, but he wore refined clothes which made him look noble and dashing.

At this moment, Ellen leaned against the young man's chest, and the young man flirtatiously caressed her, making her coyly blush.

While this took place, Ellen also cast a haughty glance at Ricky.

"Marcel, he is Ricky. He not only bullied me, but also humiliated me. Besides, he even killed my brother. So you have to help me punish him!" Ellen whined indignantly, wrapping her arms around the young man's neck.

She kept on seductively rubbing her curvaceous body against the young man, which made him visibly aroused. His desire began to grow.

"Ellen, trust me. I will definitely help you teach this guy a lesson," the young man said seriously, staring at Ricky again as his eyes gleamed with malice.

"You little bastard, come over here to apologize to Ellen and then take your own life! Otherwise, I will beat you to a pulp!" the young man said, pointing adamantly at Ricky.

"Tyler, Ellen, Ricky has already been so kind to let you off before. But why are you repaying his mercy with this?" Theo exclaimed furiously, taking a step forward and pointing at Tyler and Ellen before Ricky got a chance to say anything.


Their argument attracted a lot of warriors' attention.

"He is Ricky, right? He brought his talents into full play in the Casting Guild and Elder Alexander accepted him as his disciple! Aside from this, I heard he possesses the marvelous, magical manual!" a voice said. Hearing this, all of warriors fixed their eyes on Ricky.

"Yes, he must definitely be Ricky! The two warriors beside him are Theo and Kayla!" Quickly, the curiosity on their face morphed into looks of envy and greed.

But fearing Elder Alexander, who was powerful and enjoyed a high reputation, those who were itching to get at Ricky's manual repressed their greed. After all, their clans didn't dare provoke or offend Elder Alexander'

ached the ninth grade of Blood Purification and the reinforcement of his cultivation is very solid. It seems that he has gained great opportunity in the Earth Fire Place during this period of time!" several warriors murmured, now beginning to talk about Pompeo!

"A member of the Yu Clan!" Marcel Cao growled in a low voice upon hearing the discussion. He determined why Pompeo wasn't afraid of the Cao Clan. The previous collision of their fists also made Marcel Cao realize that Pompeo's strength was far from inferior to his.

Noticing what was going on, Ellen and Tyler grew even more indignant. In order to persuade Marcel Cao to help them punish Ricky, Ellen had spent a lot of time pleasing and even sleeping with him during the past few days.

However, she didn't expect that a warrior at the ninth grade of Blood Purification would appear to help Ricky.

At the thought of this, both Ellen and Tyler grew more and more bitter, anger simmering inside them. But still, they remained ignorant to the fact that they would not have to pay a price if they had not displayed such greed before!

At the moment, Marcel Cao seemed to be in an embarrassing dilemma.

If he battled with Pompeo, he might not be able to win against him, because his instinct told him that Pompeo was also a strong, formidable warrior. If he refused to accept the challenge, he might disgrace himself and the Cao Clan.

Feeling sulky and hesitant, Marcel Cao cursed in his mind, "Ellen, you manipulative bitch! Why didn't you tell me before that Ricky is allied with a warrior at the ninth grade of Blood Purification!?" He clenched his fists.

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