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   Chapter 155 The Beast Fire

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 9093

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They saw thousands of crimson lights shining in the sky, lighting up the west.

"Oh my God! What the hell are those red lights? Did they catalyze the change of the Earth Fire Place?" Theo turned to his companions and exclaimed in surprise upon seeing the marvelous picture.

All the other warriors who survived there were also amazed at those shining red lights.

They began to whisper with puzzled and astonished expressions. Naturally, they turned to look at the spot where those lights landed, trying to make sense of what was happening. All of them were thinking that they could probably find great opportunities there.

Right at this moment, Ricky's Chaotic Fire Zone in his spiritual meridian delivered him a message, urging him to go to the west where those lights were.

'It's urging us to go now! Are those crimson lights a great opportunity?' Ricky thought to himself, wondering.

"Hey, Theo. I think there may be some great opportunities there. I say we go and check it out. What do you think?" Ricky turned to his partners and suggested with excited eyes.

"Great! I was just thinking the same! Now that the Earth Fire Place is collapsing, we can just go there! Something must be happening there, with that incredible light shower," Theo replied in agreement.

The five of them started their journey west at once. All of them headed forward at full speed. It took almost two days for them to arrive; after all, the Earth Fire Place was definitely not a small place for warriors like them. For warriors of innate spirit, perhaps it was.

When they got closer, they saw a vast desert full of sand. Unlike the red land from where they had just come, the soil here was yellow. Still, there were also flames flaring in certain spots. Lave lakes were spread over the land as well.

Compared to other places where tremors happened often, this desert was quite serene.

By now, there were already many warriors from the surrounding areas who had gathered there.

However, none of them seemed to want to interact with each other because everyone was focused on approaching a shabby crimson iron pagoda in the center of the desert.

The crimson pagoda was very high, almost a thousand meters. If you took a closer look and counted how many floors it had, you had to be careful. Once you did not focus on the counting, you would make a mistake and have to redo the counting. There were fifteen floors in total and it occupied a ten-meter radius.

With an ancient, grand, and majestic aura, it just stood there. At the mere sight of it, the people gathered around had mixed feelings; curiosity, incredulousness, excitement. Meanwhile, it was sending forth strong energies. All of them could feel its

y, almost everyone responded in agreement. Once they had reached the consensus, they grouped themselves into several teams and began to attack the pagoda one after one, trying to overturn it.

However, it seemed that all their efforts were in vain!

They had already launched many joint attacks. Yet the most they were able to accomplish was mere shaking the rusty pieces of iron off the building. Pagoda remained intact, stubbornly immune to their attacks.

"Hey, why don't we attack it all together?" a warrior suggested as he panted heavily. "Yes, maybe we could give it a try. We've launched so many times of attack but nothing happened to it. There are more than a hundred of warriors. I'm sure we can make it if we work together!" a relatively older warrior said in agreement. However, the result remained unchanged even after all of them exerted their internal strengths to attack it. Nothing happened at all.

'It seems that this pagoda, though shabby, is extremely strong and solid. No wonder the Fire Dragon Egg shook at its appearance!' Ricky squinted his eyes, thinking hard about how to get into the pagoda.

Like those warriors, he wanted the Beast Fires, and if possible, he wanted all of them. He believed entering the pagoda to gather the fire might be the only feasible way.

The warriors kept attacking the pagoda for about two hours. Finally, they accepted that their efforts were hopeless. So they gathered around and began to brainstorm about other possibilities.

"Are you Ricky, who is said to have the mysterious manual?" an arrogant and piercing voice suddenly shouted out from behind Ricky.

Hearing the voice, Ricky and his companions turned around to see who it was. They saw five figures walking towards them.

Among the five guys, two were quite familiar to them!

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