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   Chapter 154 Tremendous Changes Of The Earth Fire Place

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'The Dragon's Blood!' That was the Dragon's Blood! It would have been a win for Ricky if even a single drop was left for him. But this Fire Dragon Egg absorbed all the Dragon's Blood in one go. How could Ricky not be angry about it?

Ricky had the urge to crack the Fire Dragon Egg open to let some of the Dragon's Blood flow out.

But it was all in his head. He couldn't bear breaking the Fire Dragon Egg even if he didn't promise to the Fire Dragon.

He wondered how this one-meter-tall Fire Dragon Egg managed to absorb the Dragon's Blood of a whole pool.

But Ricky didn't dwell too much on it. He was more occupied on thinking of how he would take the Fire Dragon Egg away.

"According to the Fire Dragon, it's better for the egg to hatch in the Heaven Melting Fire. However, I didn't actually subdue the Heaven Melting Fire and I do not have any control of the fire. Also, it could be dangerous to put the egg into the Chaotic Fire Zone.

Anyhow, I guess there's no harm in trying!"

After debating with himself, Ricky activated the Chaotic Fire Zone and put the Fire Dragon Egg into it.

Soon, the two fused flames wrapped themselves around the Fire Dragon Egg.

Ricky realized that he was worrying too much after seeing what was about to happen. The Fire Dragon Egg wasn't harmed by the flames at all. Instead, their energies were continuously absorbed by it.

Ricky knew just by looking at the egg that it was very excited.

"It really is a real Fire Dragon. Fire is where it wants to be!" Ricky exclaimed at the scene in excitement.

Everything seemed done. Ricky might not have gotten any of the Dragon's Blood, but he acquired the Fire Dragon Egg and the Heaven Melting Fire. They were probably even stronger than the Dragon's Blood, given the sufficient amount of time to develop.

Ricky believed that as long as he cultivated the Chaotic Fire Skill, the Heaven Melting Fire would definitely be a strong asset in combat.

Soon, Ricky managed to gain control of the light shield of the Chaotic Fire Zone and went back to the surface of the lava.

Four people including Theo were still at the state of refining.

Looking at the four people's condition, it was most likely for Pompeo and Aiden

rvive these drastic changes.

Taking two Spiritual Energy Nourishing Pills every few hours should do the trick.

"What caused this destruction? What happened to the Earth Fire Place? It seems like the doomsday is arriving." People including Ricky and Theo were all astounded by the scene. It took them all by surprise.

"According to several masters of our clan, no such changes have ever happened before in the Earth Fire Place." There was confusion in Pompeo's face.

"Yes, absolutely nothing like this has ever happened before. What's the matter? It seems the Earth Fire Place is bound to disappear," Kayla asked, her voice deepening.

They were not clear of what happened, but they all had the same feeling, that the Earth Fire Place was being erased from the surface.

'Is it because the final strength of the Fire Dragon disappeared, and the Earth Fire Place shall disappear with it?' Ricky thought in his mind.

Because the Fire Dragon had told him that the Earth Fire Place was originally a small fire space opened up by him. Now that his power ceased to exist, it seemed logical for the Earth Fire Place to die with it.

'Hope the disappearance of the Earth Fire Place does not affect us in this place right now. Otherwise, we'll really get in the neck, ' Ricky thought to himself.

"Boom! Boom!"

Right at this time, even greater changes began to arise. High in the west of the Earth Fire Place, tons of red lights fell and shot fiercely towards the west.

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