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   Chapter 153 Fire Dragon Egg

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The air was filled with a strong and pungent smell of blood that harnessed great energy!

Ricky was frightened, forgetting about his curiosity and would rather retreat, but the strong message that the Chaotic Fire Zone sent pushed him deeper into the dwelling.

Having trouble finding a way out, he entertained the idea of entering the dwelling as the Chaotic Fire Zone indicated.

Surrounded by the light of the flame shield, Ricky went into the dwelling to the deep.

It took about half an hour for the pungent smell to reach its limit.

Not far away from him, Ricky saw a pool made of blood. It was about size of a hundred meters and the blood was boiling, spurting fire to whoever dared to come close.

The blood exuded great energy. Ricky knew it would only take a single drop to destroy him.

As he got closer, the pool began to change. The boiling grew more violent and the great energy merged all the blood together, shaping it into a dragon jumping and rolling up in the air.

Ricky felt familiar with the blood, for its smell resembled the dragon blood they absorbed from the lava lake.

'Could this be the real dragon blood?' Ricky thought with doubt in his head.

With that great energy and power, it would be the only explanation, Ricky imagined. He was convinced it was the real dragon blood.

"What a once in a lifetime opportunity!" The words burst out of him as he jumped out of excitement.

The dragon blood energy they found in the lava lake was way too little, even less than what they imagined, but it enabled him to gain martial arts prowess. He could not help but fantasize about what could this real dragon blood bring to him.

It took Ricky a moment to pull himself together.

Ricky knew he was currently unable to refine even a single drop of the dragon blood, let alone a whole pool of it. He hoped that he could take the dragon blood away and refine them someday when he had the strength.

But how to take them away? It shouldn't be any trouble with the Chaotic Fire Zone.

Ricky impulsively pushed the Chaotic Fire Zone to absorb the whole pool of d

had not met Ricky, his child would have waited longer to be reborn.

You could say a lot about Ricky, but he always knew how to keep a promise.

Upon learning the Great Dragon's story, Ricky made up his mind and committed seriously to his quest. "Great Dragon, you have my word, I would take your child to the its tribe as long as my strength allowed me!"

Of course Ricky also had his own agenda.

He hoped he would be good friends with the little fire dragon one day and it would be cool to have a fire dragon buddy. But the idea of letting people see a fire dragon meant that he had to wait for his power to grow stronger.

"Young one, I also give you my word, the fire dragon tribe would never forget what you did!" The Great Dragon promised as he heard Ricky's sincerity.

After that, the Great Dragon disappeared, the voice and the phantom faded into nothing.

It had been tens of millions of years. Even the strongest had their limits.

"A real Fire Dragon Egg! Am I dreaming?" Ricky couldn't believe what just happened.

He turned and looked at that Fire Dragon Egg.

It was spinning fast.

As it spun, it absorbed the dragon blood from the pool. A whole pool of dragon blood was absorbed before Ricky even realized.

"So...that's it? A whole pool of dragon blood gone in a matter of seconds? Shouldn't you keep some for me?" said Ricky who was clearly unhappy about it.

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