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   Chapter 152 Chaotic Fire Zone And Chaotic Fire Skill

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Thanks to the shield covering his body which had been generated by the Flame Zone, Ricky could bear the high temperature and so he could swim his way to go deeper and deeper under the lava pool. However, controlled and guided by the Flame Zone, Ricky couldn't find any signs that he was going to be allowed to resurface anytime soon. The Flame Zone kept pushing him to go down, as if the bottom of this lava pool would soon be reached. Despite his belief in its mighty power to protect him, this growing depth in the lava pool made it impossible not to worry about his own safety. "How far down does the Flame Zone intend to lead me? It has been quite a while since it pulled me into the molten lava from the surface of the pool," Ricky asked himself as he began to feel panic. The high temperature around him was reaching an extreme.

Despite the protection from the Flame Zone, Ricky had to admit the truth that no matter how powerful the Flame Zone was, sooner or later, he might not survive from the extremely high heat.

To his amazement, he finally was allowed to stop after half an hour of diving.

Looking at his surroundings, Ricky could at first find nothing but the molten lava everywhere. It seemed boundless.

Then he took a close look towards a particular direction. He found a huge cave was there, several meters in front of him. Around the huge cave, mysterious fire was burning. Even if he was some distance from the cave, Ricky could still feel the high temperature, which he speculated might be even higher than the temperature of the lava he was in.

He immediately got cold feet and couldn't help but tremble at this. However, unlike Ricky, the Flame Zone seemed to want to approach the cave fire. In Ricky's mind, the Flame Zone expressed a sense of excitement, stirring restlessly.

Feeling this, Ricky finally realized why the Flame Zone guided him so hastily deep down here.

'So interesting! It looks like the cave fire attracts the Flame Zone. But what about the inside? Will there be something even more unexpected if I enter the cave?' Ricky thought, broadening the possibilites. By the time Ricky snapped back to reality from the Flame Zone, he found that he already stood in front of the entrance into the cave.

At the moment, the fire surrounding the entrance burned fiercely, preventing anyone from entering the cave.

However, Ricky's curiosity got the best of him and he decided to move forward regardless of the fire. Before he could have a chance to embark on his exploration of the cave's interior, the fire at the entrance turned even more intense. Other than that, the fire even started to spread its range toward Ricky's direction, as if it were alive and would soon morph into a living creature!

Meanwhile, a supernatural phenomenon took place. Between Ricky and the entrance, a large empty space came into sight, as the large amount of lava moved its way out of the space that it used to occupy.


The fire rose higher and higher, and then ten giant fiery dragons flew out from the fire and charged toward Ricky.

Seeing such an ominous attack, Ricky's heart began to thump faster as he felt the danger coming his way. 'Damn it!!! I should have been careful about the fire. It seems that the fire is alive and I have just angered it unintentionally. Am I simply going to die here?' That was the first thought that crossed his mind.

However, the Flame Zone created by his rega

or learning new knowledge, and it did not take him too long to know the cultivation method of Chaotic Fire Skill by heart.

During the process of the memory storage, Ricky found out that if he wanted to put the cultivation method into practice, he had to look for more kinds of peculiar and sacred fire. The core power of Chaotic Fire Skill depended on its cultivator's manipulation of these fires. There were thousands of patterns that could be learnt as tactics. Once put into battle, they could inflict a great damage on the enemies.

Undeniably, when it came to weapon casting, Chaotic Fire Skill was much more useful than Devouring Skill!

"Looks like I still have to look for more peculiar fires and sacred fires in order to finally bring forth the Chaotic Fire Skill," Ricky whispered determinedly, despite his initial unwillingness to go through the trouble of finding them.

The Flame Zone continued to guide Ricky to move forward and enter the cave's entrance.

Despite the barrier, the protective shield assisted Ricky in overcoming any obstacles in his path.

Inside the cave, Ricky's first impression was its spaciousness. He felt as if he had arrived in another new world!

However, apart from the spacious cavern, nothing else remarkable could be found. There were only red-hot, wet surroundings everywhere.

If it weren't for the protection shield around his skin formed by the flame from the Flame Zone, Ricky would find it impossible to stay here even for one second!

The moment Ricky's feet stepped on the floor, a strong smell of blood assaulted his nose at once. If this had happened before, Ricky would definitely have vomited with disgust. But now, his sense of disgust was overcome by another feeling. Beyond the bloody smell, there was a stench of death in the air. Without the flame light, Ricky anticipated that he would be burnt into ash once he was exposed into such a horrible environment. With such a useful shield, Ricky could not only move forward safely, but also breath normally like he was above on the ground.

"Such a strong smell of blood and death! What exactly had happened here in this cave before I came in!?" he wondered, bewildered. The more closely he gauged and thought of the cave, the more curious and terrified he grew in his mind.

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