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   Chapter 151 A Big Gain

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"Well, it appears I can be sure that I can stay here unharmed," Ricky said in a soft husky voice, having a hunch that he would not be in danger at the lava lake.

"You may come here whenever you can. As long as the spiritual energy is activated, we all can be untouched. This is also another way that we can absorb the dragon blood energy in the lake!"

"Why does the lava temperature seem low, like it's not what it used to be?" Theo asked in disbelief, seeing Ricky at peace in the lake.

"Theo, although we are in this cave, it still belongs to the earth's surface. That is why lava is not that hot that we all expect. I also think that the dragon blood energy mixed with it makes the lava produce low temperature!" Ricky firmly explained.

Then the rest of them also surged to the lava lake, stimulating the spiritual energy for their shield to form.

"Ricky, how did you figure out the temperature of this lava lake would be so low? Don't tell me that you had no idea of it before and you knew it only after you jumped to the lake earlier," Pompeo said, with eagerness to know what was going on.

"I have seen it coming. I have learned this from the Earthly Fire Dragon at the ninth grade of Blood Purification," Ricky replied.

"Even though the scorching environment is more apt for Earthly Fire Dragon, the animal is only of Blood Purification. The reason why it could undergo the dramatic change is because of the dragon blood energy absorbed inside the lake!"

"Oh, that figures. Ricky, you're so clever!" Aiden exclaimed.

Now the rest of them began to take Ricky with respect and they agreed to make him their mainstay.

"Alright. We should be on our feet. We'd better absorb and refine the dragon blood energy in the lava as fast as we can! Perhaps there might be other great new breaks at other places in store for us," Ricky stated.

"Everyone! While honing the dragon blood energy, we can take the Dragon Grass and fire essence at the same time. These two Treasures from Heaven and Earth can exist and be so powerful because of the dragon blood, so we can pull off with half the effort if we refine the dragon blood energy by making use of them!" Theo uttered.

Although he was not equipped with fighting skills, he sure knew a lot of things.

As soon has Theo had spoken, they all moved and started to refine the dragon blood energy.

After a short while, Pompeo and Aiden e

nificantly charge!

However, when Ricky was about to begin his cultivation, the Flame Zone suddenly changed.

The Flame Zone emitted a glow of roaring flame light which directly wrapped Ricky in an instant. The forceful flame shoved Ricky into the lava.

'What is happening? I don't want to die!' Ricky panicked.

He was able to keep his stance on the lava's surface, but he could not go deep into the lava. Even the warriors of Bone Reinforcement or innate spiritual kings could melt and disappear while staying at the depth of the lava, let alone him, the warrior of Blood Purification.

"Come on! Get out of here right now!"

Ricky bellowed at the top of his lungs. His mind immediately stimulated the Flame Zone. He was eager to leave the lava, but the Flame Zone was out of his control. He was encircled by the flame light and pulled to the depth of the lava.

Luckily, the flame light coming from the Flame Zone prevented the lava around from getting close to Ricky. Thus he didn't have to activate the spiritual energy to resist the scorching lava.

Ricky let out a sigh of relief upon realizing that.

'Alright. Now that I'm here, I better stay! My regained spiritual meridian is highly supernormal, and the Flame Zone seems to bring me deep into the lava. Is there any great chance there or something that the Flame Zone needs?' Ricky mused.

Two hours had passed by. The flame light moved down even ten thousand meters below the lava surface. Seeing the fizzy molten lava around him, Ricky got startled, trembling with terror.

Even a drop of lava could make him melt and vanish.

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