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   Chapter 150 The Chance That They Got

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To be more precise, the round ended up in a draw. Both of the sides were hurt badly.

Kent and Karl had suffered greater injuries, while Ricky's situation was not very serious in comparison.

"Theo, now! Kill them!" Half kneeling on the ground with one hand holding his weapon to support himself, Ricky loudly urged Theo into action. It was the best time to kill Karl and Kent once and for all. Otherwise, they would have enough time to restore their strength. By that time, it would be tricky to handle them.

"Ricky, now? I... " Ricky's cold-blooded order made Theo hesitate. He had no idea what to do. Somehow, he felt like killing the men at their weakest was ignominious. Besides, he was a bit scared to kill a person.

"I'll do it instead!" Kayla stood up and offered. She knew that Theo did not have the heart to butcher them. So, she took her sword and walked toward Karl and Kent.

She raised her sword high and was ready to pierce them with it.

She did not want to kill people either. Despite that, she understood that if she did not kill them, they would kill her and her companions. That was just a cruel fact.

"You want to kill us? In your dreams!" Kent roared.

In the next moment, he gathered his last breath and his strength. He forced out a drop of blood essence from his forehead and threw it toward the array which had almost faded away.

People usually had two types of reactions in such a life or death moment like that. One way to react was to be too scared to do anything at all, and the other would cause one to fight until their last breath to try to kill their enemy with everything they had in them. Even if they were going to die, they would not let their enemy kill them so easily. The latter was exactly what Kent tried to do.

"Kayla! Step back!" Ricky immediately shouted a warning to Kayla in concern.

Luckily, she was agile enough and withdrew back a few steps before he even warned her.

Kent, on the other hand, formed a blood claw, ready to attack again. Seeing Kayla step back, he decided not to attack her. The primary reason that he did not attack her was because he was not sure that he could manage to kill her. Kayla was in her prime, after all. What was more, he was losing his strength after he used a drop of blood essence. That loss of strength had made him extremely weak.

So, he changed his mind. There was another target near him. His new target was Ricky.

Kent turned to Ricky and intended to throw the claw at him. Although the claw only had the power of the seventh grade of Blood Purification, it was strong enough to kill Ricky, given Ricky's injured body.

"Ricky! Watch out!"

"Ricky!" Theo and Kayla cried out trying to warn Ricky about the claw.

Their warnings were too late. The blood claw already reached and covered Ricky. With a loud bang, the blood wave had engulfed him.

"Ha-ha, ha-ha! You want to kill me? Well, you can go to hell!" Seeing Ricky covered in the blood claw

e curious about Ricky's behavior. How could he recover so completely with full energy all of a sudden? Despite being so curious about it, none of them asked. Ricky did not explain it to them, so they decided to bury their curiosity deep into back of their minds. It was Ricky's secret, after all. Revealing it was up to him whether he chose to tell them or not.

"I will surely come to you when I need your help, so thank you for the future possible help. Anyway, we are a team. I consider keeping all of us alive my responsibility!" Ricky responded with a smile on his face.

"Let's regroup ourselves here before we go and check what kind of interesting thing is hidden in the lake! Hurry up, guys!" Ricky suggested.

"No problem!" echoed everyone else. Ricky, Pompeo, and Aiden then sat on the ground with their legs crossed and began to gather and recover their energies. About one hour later, their breathing became peaceful as they calmed themselves down.

They opened their eyes and then turned their eyes to the lake of lava that was filled with dragon blood.

"Oh, let's go and check this out! It's so powerful. It's definitely the Great Dragon's blood! Unfortunately, it already integrated into the lava in the lake. How can we extract the blood to refine it? This is a big problem!" Pompeo said.

"Let me give it a try!" Ricky replied with a decisive look in his eyes.

"How are you going to do it?" Kayla asked with a puzzled look.

Ricky smiled confidently. He took off his clothes, and then jumped into the lake without any hesitation.

"No, Ricky! It's too dangerous!" Seeing what Ricky intended to do, Theo immediately shouted out to try and stop him. However, it was already too late.

The moment Ricky jumped into the lake full of dragon blood and lava, he felt like his whole body was burning. He initiated his spiritual energy to resist the burning sensation. Luckily, it worked. He felt much better and relieved thanks to his spiritual energy.

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