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   Chapter 149 Victory Over Dual Array

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By now, Karl had gotten his breath back and walked towards Kent.

Although he was still regulating his breath, he knew exactly what had happened just now. He tried to calm down but the shock and amazement that was implanted deep inside of him could not be easily subdued.

As a result of blood essence loss Karl was still frail. It was immensely difficult to recover from this considerable loss. Only Treasures from Heaven and Earth or other advanced medicinal pills and elixirs could cure it.

But this would make no difference in his following battle.

Seeing that Karl had regained consciousness, Ricky's eyes darkened. Kent, already a hard nut to crack, now had Karl as his back-up. This meant that he had to fight against another formidable enemy!

"It will be determined that it was because of my low level of realm!" Ricky sighed to himself.

If only he himself had already reached the seventh grade of Blood Purification. He would stand a much better chance of matching a strong rival like Karl in that case.

Pompeo and Aiden came to help, but were held back by two other disciples. Theo and Kayla were also stopped by Ricky.

It was not because of blind bravery on Ricky's part, but because of the fact that Theo and Kayla were too weak at the moment to win against the two brothers. Kayla could very well be facing the same situation; after all, she had just reached the seventh grade of Blood Purification.

As for Theo, an eighth grade of Blood Purification, was in fact ill-matched with the title. His previous loss of a drop of blood essence had greatly weakened him. Now he was practically only as strong as a warrior in the seventh grade of Blood Purification.

Theo and Kayla felt deep regret. They clearly understood why Ricky had declined their help, and they bitterly lamented not having taken time and efforts in enhancing their skills. They could only stand back and watch.

Karl walked over and pulled Kent up.

As Kent at this moment calmed down, it was no longer possible for him to be provoked and driven mad by Ricky again.

"Well, then you guys come together!" Ricky said, taking a deep breath. A vicious fight was about to break out. Yet Ricky wasn't afraid at all. He still had two aces up his sleeve that were waiting to be used.

"Well, Ricky, I have to admit that you are excellent in both casting of weapons and cultivation of marti

dings. The battle among Pompeo and the other three warriors was interrupted. The whole cave seemed to have fallen into a state where heaven fell down and the earth split in two.

Everyone focused their eyes on the scene, knowing that the result of this collision would play a decisive role in the determining the final outcome of the battle.

The intense shockwaves continued for a long time.

Among the endless blood waves, screams echoed. Then two figures were flung out by the force of the waves. It was Karl and Kent.

No injuries were seen on their bodies. There were only flames burning briskly, causing their skin to be ripped off. Above the raging fire, a mysterious power was swallowing up their energy.

The two brothers tried every effort to stamp out the fire, which was now their main concern. They screamed in agony the whole while.

It took them about a quarter of an hour to extinguish the flames around their bodies and by the time they put out the fire, they were exhausted. Coupled with the terrible burns on their bodies, they were no longer capable of fighting.

When the waves of blood dissipated, Ricky emerged.

There was a scar on each of his shoulders. He was out of breath, looking like a drowned dog. There was no more energy or power in him to fight any longer.

How lucky he was! Thanks to the power of the Fifth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, he survived from the two brothers' unrivaled array and even broke it. Otherwise anyone, Ricky included, would have been torn into pieces by the powerful collision. What a turn of events!

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