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   Chapter 148 A Strong Rival

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The spiral spiritual energy of gold was very intense, so when the halberd was immersed in the spiral, it fused with it and became a true spiral awl.

Strong power and heavy spiritual energy leapt up in an formidable wave. Ricky was enveloped in it and clearly felt its invincible energy, which he could sense was likely to break everything.

"Golden Conqueror! Charge!"

Kent growled again. Then the Golden Conqueror changed its direction immediately and shot towards Ricky's face.

The air seemed to billow wherever the Golden Conqueror went. It was like wind rippling the surface of water. The spiritual energy of gold coming from the surroundings turned to be a golden passageway in order to accelerate the Golden Conqueror.

'What a powerful move!' Ricky thought. He felt rather nervous at sensing its force.

But there was no way he would flinch. If he so much as thought of quitting, he would definitely lose this battle.

Powerful spiritual energy radiated from Ricky. He operated his Four-degree Body Refining to the maximum, the Iron Destroyer in his hand rattling. In his green spiritual energy, white ice began to form.

Frozen ice thorns emerged on Ricky's arms and covered the Iron Destroyer instantly. Meanwhile, his energy turned from burning flames to frozen ice in an instant.

Ricky condensed his energy into an ice blade with one hand and channeled the Ice Cage Fingers with his other hand.

A huge Ice Cage Fingers dropped down from above and clashed with Golden Conqueror.

"Crack!" The sound of ice forming echoed as the Golden Conqueror was frozen almost instantaneously. In that instant, Ricky wielded the Iron Destroyer in his hand.

As he did this, a rumbling sound came forth.

A loud thud filled the air the next moment. The white ice and the golden light produced by the blade had become interwoven with one another, presenting a shocking sight. The tremors they made vibrated throughout the whole cave.

A few minutes after, Ricky and Kent flopped on the ground again, both spitting blood at the same time.

As a result, the two were injured

Destroyer tightly and incorporated the speed and cultivation method of Five Beasts Arts into his body. The attack had been wielded to the maximum extent and the scarlet runes could be seen everywhere.

Ricky acted quickly and smashed his Iron Destroyer against the sharp blood claw.

He exerted nearly maximum his power on this move.

There was a loud rumble, like thunder clapping through the sky.

The sound of a loud clash filled the air again. The air waves were stronger than the ones before, sweeping through the whole cave. Theo and others were forced to stumble back by the sheer force of the waves.

"Is Ricky really only at the sixth grade of Blood Purification?" Pompeo said to Aiden with astonishment.

They were stunned by Ricky's strength.


Ricky and Kent fell on the ground again and spat a mouthful of blood. They were both injured badly.

"Kent, this is what you get for looking down on me!" Ricky snarled, struggling to his feet and staring at Kent, who was momentarily dazed.

Kent had been a strong rival from the start. So Ricky cleverly fooled him into thinking he was weak, by pretending to show some defects.

As Ricky had expected, Kent lost his mind.

Kent had used his most powerful move and still didn't kill Ricky. His face became beet red, his teeth gnashing together with rage.

"Kent, let me help you!"

Karl suddenly butted in.

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