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   Chapter 146 Kill With One Strike

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The Bloodsucking Claw and Flame Ball clashed in the skies and began channeling their attacks. An incredible force smothered the entire area with smoke and ashes putting it on the brink of destruction.

Behind the heavy smoke was the fearsome Bloodsucking Claw whose power did not weaken one bit and mercilessly gashed the Earthly Fire Dragon after demonstrating its unquestionable strength against the flame ball.

"Hiss!" "Hiss!"

The Earthly Fire Dragon was torn to pieces. The deafening sound of its crumbling body reached the heavens. It rained flesh and blood.

'You don't see that every day! Is it the power of the array?'

Ricky began to think ahead, afraid of the possible dire outcomes. If Karl suddenly turned to strike him, would he stand a chance if he tried?

He was certain he would lose.

But fortunately, after this blow, Karl's energy seemed to be dried up. He weakly knelt. All those crimson lines from the Bloodsucking Array were fading.

He just lost a drop of blood essence. Karl's energy to continue fighting was quickly running out.

"It worked!" Theo and the other two exclaimed out of surprise.

"Thank you, gentlemen, for your blood essence," he whispered, almost out of breath.

Then he said something that turned their smiles upside down.

"Now if you would be so kind, put down your fire essence and Dragon Grass, and leave this place. You are not welcome here."

Upon hearing this, the other three disciples of Karl's family glared at them with vicious intent and surrounded them immediately.

'I knew this was bound to happen!' Ricky thought to himself as the tension grew.

He knew it! According to Pompeo, there wasn't supposed to be any connection with their families. Why would Karl be willing to use the Bloodsucking Array to kill the Earthly Fire Dragon for them, given the price they were all meant to pay?

"Karl, what do you mean?" In response, Pompeo asked in a cold voice.

"What do I mean?" "You still haven't figured it out? We were only

the golden spiritual energy from his right fist grew stronger.

Despite just losing two drops of blood essence, taking down Ricky who just reached the sixth grade of the Blood Purification was a piece of cake for him.


But as soon as he showed his cruel smile, a loud noise broke that startled everyone. A mark of blood appeared on his neck.

Gulp! The blood suddenly flowed down from his throat, covering his neck. He shivered and fell on the ground unwillingly.

"How dare you, a worthless dog, bark here!" Ricky scoffed, looking at the young man's bloody corpse.

Now, the blood from the Iron Destroyer had also hit the ground. Nobody made a sound. They could only hear the lava bubbling and itching to burn.

So did Kent, because he didn't catch Ricky's movement.

Of course, that also had something to do with his lack of focus on Ricky.


"How... How could it be?" Pompeo said slowly, with obvious disbelief in his voice. He widened his eyes, looking at Aiden and Theo with shock.

A warrior of the sixth grade of Blood Purification killed the warrior of the eighth grade with only one strike. It was unlikely that a warrior at this grade would be that vulnerable even if he lost four drops of blood essence, which he didn't! He couldn't even see the strike coming at all.

Did that just really happen?

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