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   Chapter 145 The Array Deployer

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The battle between the Earthly Fire Dragon and the young warriors had come to a deadlock. They stood in place now, not yet advancing back into the fray. The dragon also did not hurl fire at them anymore. It just paced there and roared fiercely at them, warning them not to come any closer to the lake full of magma behind it. It was protecting the lake.

At first, they had felt rather thrilled when Karl claimed that he knew of a way to defeat the dragon. But his proposal of drawing ten drops of blood essence was quite ridiculous. They looked at him with disbelief in their eyes.

After all, blood essence was the most essential and vital part of a creature. It was as important as a creature's life. Generally speaking, a warrior of Blood Purification had six to eight drops of blood essence. But what did Karl just say? That he needed ten drops of blood essence from warriors at the eighth grade of Blood Purification!? Preposterous!

For a warrior of Blood Purification, losing one drop of blood essence meant that he would lose nearly a sixth of his strength. He would become quite weak and his life would be endangered!

No wonder Pompeo and Aiden were feeling shock and trepidation! It was understandable for them to have such mixed feelings.

"Karl, why do you need them? Feel free to explain, please!" Theo asked after he had been silent for a while.

"Everyone, I'm sure all of you know what we could find in that lake. This is a grand opportunity for all of us. If we miss it today, we won't be able to have such a big opportunity anymore,"

Karl stepped forward and explained. "I'm well aware that the blood essence is of extreme importance to all of you. But the dragon blood is of even greater importance. Once we succeed, I can assure you that we are all going to gain more than enough to pay off the blood essence we contributed."

He then took a deep breath and continued, "I need ten drops. Five from us and five from you. So, what do you think? Think carefully and make a wise decision, please!"

Hearing Karl's speech, Theo, Pompeo and Aiden began to calculate carefully. In Ricky's team, only the three were at the eighth grade of Blood Purification. They were now expected to donate the blood essence.

The dragon blood? Or the blood essence? They were struggling with this dilemma. On one hand, they were eager to defeat the dragon. But then again, they did not want to take the risk of losing their blood essence by giving it to a man they had just met.

"Karl, let me ask a question. Why are you so confident that you will kill the dragon with the blood essence?" Pompeo finally said. It seemed as though he had begun to trust Karl and wanted to know more.

"Check this out!" Karl said, not answering him directly. Instead, he began to do something.

He closed his eyes and gathered his internal strength for a few seconds. Then he opened his eyes and stretched out his right palm. Immediately, crimson spiritual energy appeared, creeping on the palm. Soon, a complex array was shown on his palm.

"Th... This is an array! You are an array deployer!" Theo blurted out in shock. His companions were also surprised.

Although array dep

n he placed the blood essence into those lines.

"Everything is ready! Guys, step backwards, please. Just let me show you how I will slay this monster!" Karl declared confidently.

Everyone took several steps backwards, in anticipation of his powerful performance.

They could not defeat this Earthly Fire Dragon even before they lost the blood essence. Now, with weakened bodies, they would by no means be able to fight it.

Karl strode up to the roaring dragon. When he entered its territory, the dragon launched attacks at once. It opened its mouth and spat fire. Immediately, a ball of burning flames was hurled down at Karl.

This fire was powerful enough to destroy several warriors at the eighth grade of Blood Purification. Everyone present could feel its massive destructive energy.

Karl felt it as well. Of course, he would not go and fight against it face to face. So he jumped here and there to evade the attacks from the dragon. He was doing this to annoy it.

A few minutes later, the dragon had lost its patience. This was exactly what Karl wanted! He led it to the array he had prepared.

Immediately, the crimson lines appeared in the array, and the ten drops of the blood essence rapidly spread in ten directions.

"The Bloodsucking Array - the Bloodsucking Claw!"

Karl roared all of a sudden. The crimson lines were activated. Together with the prepared blood essence, they began to absorb the ferocious blood spiritual energy in the space. Impressively, the lines turned to a blood-red claw, hanging in the air.

Now, Karl also ejected a drop of blood essence from his body and shot it into the claw. So far, this Bloodsucking Claw contained eleven drops of blood essence from warriors at the eighth grade of Blood Purification.

The tremendous energy from the claw made Ricky and the other warriors feel quite in awe.

The next second, the Bloodsucking Claw dashed straight at the Earthly Fire Dragon. The enraged dragon almost lost its mind at Karl's attack. It spewed out another flame ball, this one even more powerful than the last, and aimed it at the Bloodsucking Claw.

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