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   Chapter 144 The Great Opportunity

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"Ricky, it's great that you have such useful items like that storage bag. I really admire you for being an outstanding disciple of the Casting Guild!" Karl said with admiration, upon seeing Ricky took out the storage bag.

Normally, only the wealthy and strong warriors of Bone Reinforcement were even capable of using it!

"Well, it's from Theo. I, too, feel very fortunate to have it," Ricky responded with a smile.

He intended to drop some hints that Theo also had one.

He wanted to figure out the Jin Clan members' real intentions by observing their expressions.

However, Ricky's plan did not prove fruitful. The four members of the Jin Clan just looked at his storage bag admiringly, without any other expression on their faces. Ricky now had no idea whether they really had no ill intentions or if they were just pretending to act like that.

"It is great to be a disciple of the Casting Guild. If I get a chance, I really do want to have a spiritual meridian which can cast weapons," Karl said, before turning his attention back to the cave.

"Well, everyone. It's likely that we can find some things we want inside the cave. Before we enter it, we'd better reach an agreement on the terms of distribution!" Karl said earnestly.

"Well, I think it should be finders keepers. But if we discover a treasure together, we can fight for it with our own abilities," Ricky suggested.

"Ha-ha. Ricky, your idea sounds great! So we can do as you've proposed," Karl responded with a smile.


Now they all proceeded into the cave one by one.

It was even more dry and scorching inside the cave, so they had to reinforce the spiritual energy shield again.

After entering, they were able to determine its configuration. A lot of lava rivers crisscrossed here and there, eroding the ground. The cave looked like the stalactite grotto formed ten thousand years ago or even longer ago.

But the difference it had from the stalactite grotto was that there was lava inside the cave instead of stalactites.

Luckily, the lava here only gushed from the earth's surface, which meant that it had a cooler temperature than the magma deep in the ground. As long as they activated the spiritual energy, they could stay in the cave for a long time.

"Look! That's the fire essence!" one of the disciples of the Jin Clan shouted in excitement.

They noticed som

Blood had existed for one hundred thousand years or ten million years, and its energy was ten million times less powerful than it was at the beginning, a meager amount of Dragon's Blood was invaluable for warriors of Blood Purification. It was a once in a lifetime opportunity for them.

"Everyone, it really is a great opportunity for us!" Karl said, unable to restrain his excitement. "But before we can get the dragon blood, we have to work together to kill this beast. Otherwise, everything we've done up to this point will have been in vain."

"We understand, but are you confident that we can even subdue this Earthly Fire Dragon?" Ricky asked.

"As long as all of us are willing to try our best to battle with the dragon, I believe that we can succeed!" Karl said solemnly. His seriousness inspired his companions to believe in his words.

"Karl, do tell us what the best way to go about this is!" Theo asked, almost impatiently.

"I need ten drops of the blood essence of a warrior at the eighth grade of Blood Purification!" Karl replied after pondering over it for a little while.

"What? Ten drops of the blood essence of the warrior at the eighth grade of Blood Purification!?" Pompeo cried aloud, indignant.

"It's impossible. If we give you the blood essence now, our lives will be at risk. It will be even more difficult for us to escape danger later on!" Aiden also said passionately, growing rather upset.

"Please give me a chance to explain. Listen," Karl said, raising his hands. The other warriors heaved a sigh, and leaned forward to hear him out.

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