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   Chapter 143 Unite Together

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The Great Dragon! The Great Dragon was a powerful creature that had roamed the earth since the beginning of time. The people believed it to be the ancestor of every animal in the world. But, as time went by, it disappeared and remained hidden for centuries.

The legends stated that a single drop of its blood contained unlimited energy making it the mightiest living creature to walk the face of the earth.

The Great Dragon itself was said to rest deep inside the Scorching Dragon Valley and whoever deciphered the valley's great profound mystery, shall be worthy of acquiring the Great Dragon's blood.

With this knowledge, it was too hard for the Blood Purification warriors to ignore the desire of venturing into the valley.

"Look! If my knowledge serves me right, that place is the Scorching Dragon Valley, the home to the Great Dragon itself. This could prove to be a valuable window of opportunity for us!" Ricky exclaimed.

"You are right, Ricky! If we can acquire the Great Dragon's blood, we can easily finish our adventure around the Earth Fire Place! We should go look for it right now!" Pompeo said excitedly.

"Hold on, my friends. Let us not forget. We are not the only ones searching for that relic," Aiden reminded.

"Does anyone know who they are exactly?" Theo asked anxiously.

"Those people were from the Jin Clan. Three days ago, I promised to guide them here to the Scorching Dragon Valley and help them search for the dragon's blood. I was against the idea at first, but I did not have any other choice at that time. I did not want other people to find out about this place," Aiden explained.

"Can they be trusted?" Ricky asked.

"To be honest, I have no idea. My family was not very close to theirs," replied Theo.

"We have to take our chances. It would be too reckless if we ventured into the valley by ourselves. We must all go together. But, we have to remain cautious all the time," Ricky answered.

Everyone agreed.

After a few moments, they were on their way to the Scorching Dragon Valley. Aiden and Pompeo took the lead. The search for the dragon's blood was not an easy task. However, our warriors were filled with determination and vigor to accomplish their mission.

The group finally arrived at the depths of the Earth Fire Place after traveling for almost half a day. They were one step closer to the valley.

To their knowledge, the Scorching Dragon Valley was a small mountain covered in blazing fires and surrounded by lakes of lava around every corner. This was true for most of the mountains situated around the Earth Fire Place.

However, the Scorching Dragon Valley's flames were wilder and more dangerous than the other surrounding mountains. The danger and risk it brought to travelers were what set it apart from any other. Travelers had to be equipped with additional

gons! We should split up and take out as many as you can! Quickly!" Karl shouted.

They all knew that they would cover much more ground if they separated.

Everyone agreed and decided to split up to take care of the dragons.

Every one took point and looked out for each other as they faced the Earthly Fire Dragons one by one.

"These dragons have the strength of seventh grade of Blood Purification warriors!" Ricky exclaimed. "We have to be efficient in using our energy! We must protect ourselves from the heat or else we'll be in a lot of trouble!" he continued.

"Got it, Ricky!" Theo nodded "We'll take care of this. In the meantime, you should preserve your strength!" he added.

Theo, Kayla, Pompeo, and Aiden all knew Ricky was the group's primary source of strength. Although, they also recognized that Ricky was only a warrior at the sixth grade of Blood Purification and decided to protect him first as they had some doubts about his abilities.

"Okay, Theo. I believe in all of you!" said Ricky hesitantly. He did not want to resist Theo's command under those circumstances. They all had to preserve their energies for the rest of the journey.

Ricky also knew that he had to bide his time and hide his abilities before he could completely trust the four disciples of the Jin Clan.

A few moments later, the group has already eliminated nearly twenty Earthy Fire Dragons.

The combined strength of Theo, Pompeo, and Aiden quickly killed half of the dragons. They used some kind of united cultivation method, which helped them fight more effectively together.

On the other hand, the Jin Clan's disciples swiftly dispatched the rest of the Earthly Fire Dragons as well.

The two groups were united once again after defeating all of the dragons.

Before they continued with their quest, Ricky packed a few dragon corpses into his storage bag for future purposes.

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