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   Chapter 142 The Scorching Dragon Valley

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Smoke and flames rose over the looming mountains, engulfing the trees and wild beasts in a dense cloud. The forest was soon aflame, the roar of the wild beasts echoing from the sky.

In a remote corner of the mountain, hidden were three newly-dug caves. Sitting in the lotus position in their respective caves, Ricky and his two companions were already in the state of refining fire essence.

Although the fire essence had been divided equally among them, each of them had a substantial amount of it.

With the help of the Flame Zone, Ricky had been skillfully refining the fire essence. With the added power of the powerful Devouring Skill, Ricky successfully refined all his fire essence in less than six hours.

Of course, there was also another important factor in Ricky's success. It was the fire essence, the purest energy on earth, which contained almost no impurities. This greatly lessened the effort he had to make in terms of purifying it.

Ricky finally fulfilled his goal of reaching the sixth grade of Blood Purification after the successful refining of fire essence.

During his stay in the Casting Guild for over a month, Ricky had already reached the peak of the fifth grade of Blood Purification. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to kill Casado so efficiently, even if he had the aid of the Ice Cage Fingers.

Now, thanks to the energy of fire essence, Ricky had not only reached the sixth grade of Blood Purification, but also consolidated and strengthened it in a rather short span of time.

'This pure energy is extraordinary. The Earth Fire Place, due to its powerful fire essence and secretive nature, is really quite exceptional, ' Ricky thought to himself, feeling a wave of emotions well up inside him.

Besides, the Flame Zone inside the regained spiritual meridian had once again undergone a change after he reached the sixth grade of Blood Purification. It seemed the originally boundless Flame Zone had expanded once more, the infernal power growing even more intense. The scarlet runes, especially, had become more gleaming.

"It seems that as long as I keep elevating my cultivation, my regained spiritual meridian will appear naturally! But... I just don't know when the Supreme Skills inside the Flame Zone will appear," Ricky murmured to himself.

With th

nd wait for us?" Theo asked, quite confused.

"Theo, we discovered the Scorching Dragon Valley!" Aiden said, his eyes lighting up. "We waited up for you in the originally agreed-upon place for some time, but there was not much to do. So we walked out to trace you lest we should waste our time."

"What! You discovered the Scorching Dragon Valley!?" Kayla remarked in total shock as Theo was stunned into silence.

"Yes, Kayla, the Scorching Dragon Valley. Otherwise we wouldn't have walked out of the Earth Fire Place if we didn't make that discovery!"

"Tell me about the Scorching Dragon Valley," Ricky said. He did not know enough to understand the expressions of astonishment on their faces.

"Ricky, have you ever heard of the creature that exists at the top of the food chain?" Pompeo asked.

"It must be the Great Dragon in a legend!" Ricky asnwered with certainty, associating the Scorching Dragon Valley with the Great Dragon.

"Yes, it must be the Great Dragon!" Pompeo added.

"The Fire Dragon, which belongs to the Great Dragon species, once lived here. The Scorching Dragon Valley was soaked with the Great Dragon's blood! After tens of thousands of years of evolution, the blood of the Fire Dragon has totally seeped into the soil of the Scorching Dragon Valley…

And places like that are now called the Scorching Dragon Valley!

The blood of the Fire Dragon played a key role in its evolution, and also its conditions now!" Ricky was shocked when he heard this. What a marvelous discovery it was indeed!

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