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   Chapter 141 The Huge Fire Essence

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With one blow of his fist, Casado lurched back in pain and his eyes rolled back into his head. He crumbled into a heap on the floor and stopped moving about seconds later. He was no longer breathing. He was dead.

"You... you killed him! You killed my elder brother!" As Tyler and Ellen watched the scene before them, they felt that sky had collapsed and fallen upon them. They roared in grief and indignation while tears flowed from their eyes. It burned hot against the skin of their faces, but they made no attempt to wipe the tears. Why would they? Acting tough wouldn't do any good at this point. It wouldn't bring Casado back to life. It was the most heartbreaking thing they had ever experienced, and no amount of training or expertise could save them from the agony of losing someone they held dear.

They had feelings, too!

Ricky stood still, eyeing them with cold, distant eyes. Long ago, he might have been deeply moved by other people showing such intense emotions, but he was not the same person he used to be. He had changed. He felt nothing. Still, something was holding him back. He didn't know what it was, but he couldn't bring himself to end their lives.

"You are going to kill me, but why couldn't I kill you guys?" asked Ricky. It was a question directed more to himself than his opponents. He turned away, his gaze a little less colder this time.

"We must kill you!" yelled the two people as they gathered as much strength as they could muster and charged straight into Ricky. They were so overcome with rage that only Ricky's vicious killing intent remained in their minds and not the fact that Ricky was too strong for them. After all, he had killed their brother within seconds. He couldn't be defeated, but they didn't care. They just wanted to avenge their brother no matter what.

"You leave me no choice," Ricky replied coldly, his voice cutting through the chilly haze that smothered the night.

All it took for him was one motion. He stepped in front of them and the next thing they knew, he was already severing the threads of life that bound them to their bodies. The sound of two large objects hitting something cold and hard was heard. Tyler and Ellen crashed into the ground, spitting blood like their older brother did.

These two were much weaker than the killer from the Endless Shadow. Ricky had already made great progress in martial arts. He could even be called a master on his own. So what made them think they could challenge him to a life and death battle and emerge as victors? They were delusional. They were desperate.

As the two lay on the ground, bleeding to death, they realized this harsh truth. They couldn't win against him. Not now, not ever. Ricky was in an entirely different league. A look of pure terror crossed their features, replacing the intense hatred burning in their eyes. But it was too late. All too late.

They now understood that they were doomed since the moment Casado decided to kill Ricky. It was a losing battle from the start--one that would force them to close their eyes forever.

"I don't want to kill women, but I can't set you free." Ricky said in a calm voice, but his words were laced with venom. He walked towards them and pulled out the Iron Destroyer on his back.

"You shall perish by my saber!"

With that, Ricky swung his sword down Ellen's neck.

The two just lay there, rendered immobile by fear. They had no way out. It was human nature to fear death. In the face of it, some people might greet death like an old friend and calmly accept their fate, while others could only cower in horror. It was the latter for the two.

"Ricky, keep them alive!" Just as the saber were about to slice off Ellen's neck, Theo came to stop Ricky. The blade was just a centimeter from her skin and she

place for those families with great power in the Realm of Wildness. I really want to see it! I wish I'd get the chance to do so," Ricky said, thinking of the place quite fondly even if he hadn't actually gone there yet.

They would have talked more about the legendary place, however their attention was diverted by the giant Fire Meteorite in the distance. They followed it with their eyes at first, then approached it in a steady pace.

"Look, it's the giant Fire Meteorite! I hope the fire essence won't let us down," Theo said, placing a hand gingerly on top of the meteorite. He looked at Ricky and Kayla, waiting for them to do the same thing. The two followed suit, touching the surface of the rock. Soon, the three of them broke the Fire Meteorite into uneven pieces.

And inside it was the very fire essence that they were looking for. It didn't disappoint.

The fire essence of the Fire Meteorite before them was about half a hundred meter in size, larger than all the fire essences that the three of them had ever possessed before! It was simply majestic and they couldn't help staring in awe.

"With a fire essence this huge, I believe that our cultivation will progress accordingly!" Theo said, practically bouncing in excitement. It was obvious that he was trying to contain himself, but it wasn't working that well. Everybody could tell just how stoked he was.

"Are we going to refine the fire essence here?" Kayla asked, unsure if this was an appropriate place.

"Across the land will be the deep core of the Earth Fire Place. We have to be prepared in case anything unexpected happens. I say we'd better refine the fire essence as soon as possible!" Ricky answered, his mind whirling with possible scenarios. He wanted to go at least five steps ahead.

"Besides, sharpening the axe will not interfere with the cutting of firewood. As long as we enhance our strength and build our defenses, we will have the chance to compete for more resources."

"You are right, Ricky!" Theo agreed with a nod. "Kayla, the grade of our realm is quite low, so we'd better follow Rick's advice to increase our power. It's the only way we can ensure that we're on top of the game."

"Okay, I get it, Theo."

With that settled, the three of them immediately divided the huge fire essence and sought remote places to train. They made a secret tunnel in the valley and entered a grove to start refining the fire essence. It would take a lot of hard work and patience, but they would endure. It would be all worth it.

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