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   Chapter 140 Three Siblings of the Gu's Family

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 6763

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Three silhouettes appeared from the marsh of the huge Fire Meteorite. When the smoke vanished, two handsome men and a beautiful woman appeared.

"Casado, I knew it was you!" Kayla exclaimed with a cold voice, startled at their sight.

"Yes?" Casado replied, confused yet there was still calmness in him. "I am bewildered that Kayla of the Casting Guild recognized me, an average man." Casado in his soft voice replied with a confounded look after hearing Kayla's cold welcome.

The woman behind Casado pursed her lips as she stared at Kayla, envy written all over her face. It was without a doubt that every young female disciples wanted to compete with Kayla because male disciples of the Earth Fire Land all considered Kayla as the goddess.

But, Kayla had no response to her. She stared blankly at them.

"Casado, you should think very carefully just how weak your family is before you want to take the Fire Meteorite from us," Theo spoken at the same time.

"Brother, listen. Theo is right. Our family is not strong enough to defy the Casting Guild," Tyler told Casado.

"Tyler, I am petrified by the words that came out of your mouth."

But, it was obvious that they were dismissive with assumed tone. Deep within they knew they had to do something.

"Brothers, it is nonsense talking with them. Hurry! We have to go deep into the Earth Fire Place after getting Fire Meteorite," Ellen shouted with rage directly.

Kayla and Theo both looked surly.

"Well, we don't want to waste our time talking to you anymore. You can leave but have to leave the fire essences." Casado said calmly, "You owe no one but yourself of your talent of casting although you are famous in the Earth Fire Land."

"But, you are not strong enough in the martial arts, so don't ask for trouble."

"By the way, I guess the man behind you is Ricky. Hand over your manual as well, Ricky!" Tyler said greedily, sneering at Ricky.

Although they could not practice the manual religiously, those people desired to get Ricky's

Ricky was waiting the right moment to attack. Because it was enough for him to intensely attack Casado.

Ricky's fist had hit his chest swiftly when Casado broke through the ice. Casado spat blood from his mouth and wiped it scornfully, fell on the red ground and rolled around several times.

Casado was still lying down, blood coming out from his mouth. Ricky's punch had his whole chest sunken and damaged his organs in point black.

"You think you can defeat me! Both members of Endless Shadow and killers at the peak of the seven grade of Blood Purification can not defy me, let alone you!" Ricky said seriously, ignoring the fear in Casado's eyes.

Ricky was also shocked at the power of Ice Cage Fingers. Ricky would spent much effort definitely to defeat Casado, if it weren't for the surprisingly powerful Ice Cage Fingers.

After all, Casado was a warrior at the seventh grade of Blood Purification and Ricky was only a novice at the fifth grade of Blood Purification.

Ricky came to Casado with a high jump and blew out another powerful blow to Casado.

"Stop! Or we will be at daggers drawn with you!" Tyler and Ellen screamed anxiously at the sight of the gruesome fighting scene.

But, Ricky ignored them, because he could never show mercy to those who wanted to kill him.

Ricky hit Casado's head with full force.

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