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   Chapter 139 The Fire Meteorite

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It was said that there were various treasures and chances that would appear at the deep side of the Earth Fire Place. Along the periphery, there was nothing useful, only dancing flames which engulfed everything. Along the way, they only felt the sweltering heat. This was by no means a comfortable journey.

The time limit of three months was not a long time for them. In order to obtain the harvest, they had to make full use of every second to head to the depth of the Earth Fire Place.

Immediately, all of them took a Spiritual Energy Nourishing Pill before embarking on their journey to the depth of the Earth Fire Place. Various unknown dangers were hiding in the Earth Fire Place. They made sure to keep themselves stay in peak energy at all times. The pill would help them sustain their energy and keep them alert. As attacks here usually took place suddenly, they needed to be in shape to defend themselves at any second.

As they walked towards the depth, Ricky thought to himself, 'The spiritual energy here is really quite intense. Perhaps, I can absorb it to take advantage of it... But Theo said that it won't work.'

Bearing this thought in mind, he tried to absorb a little bit of spiritual energy from the air around him.

Immediately, he found out that what Theo had said was true.

Outside this place, when he drew the spiritual energy in, he felt rather at ease. But the moment he absorbed the spiritual energy here, he felt his organs burning strongly. Even if his body was at the Fifth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, he almost couldn't withstand it.

What was more, the intense spiritual energy shot rapidly around his body, trying to destroy his meridian.

'Damn it! Theo was right!' Ricky sighed secretly, working hard to control the spiritual energy and stop it from running freely inside his body.

However, something happened at the same time. The Flame Zone in the second segment of his spiritual meridian suddenly reacted to the spiritual energy from the Earth Fire Place. A strand of fire leaped out from the zone and ran quickly into his meridian. In the blink of an eye, it had already reached the spiritual energy from this place and absorbed its heat before retreating back to its source.

After that, Ricky suddenly could not feel any heat or intensity anymore. The spiritual energy of the Earth Fire Place was now as peaceful and enjoyable as those from the outside!

'The Flame Zone can absorb the heat from the spiritual energy in this place!?' Ricky thought, rather shocked and excited at this discovery.

Discretely, he tried to absorb more spiritual energies. As

rd and hacked at them. After she hacked about a dozen stones, she found fire essence in one of them! "Hey, check this out! I found the fire essence!" Kayla shouted excitedly. Ricky and Theo immediately came to her, observing the stone closely. "Wow, amazing! Nice work, Kayla!" Theo praised her. "Yes, it's so beautiful!" Ricky chimed in.

He stared at the fire essence. It had a spherical shape and was as big as a man's fist. From its appearance, Ricky speculated that it might be made of burning magma. Ricky could feel the pure flame energy from the essence.

His Flame Zone stirred and began to urge him forward.

Prodded forward by this, he took out his saber and joined Kayla.

About four hours later, the rain of the Fire Meteorites gradually stopped. They had each successfully harvested more than twenty fire essences.

"Look at them! I can't believe my eyes! We were really lucky that we managed to harvest so much just right after arriving!" Theo sighed happily, still feeling the excitement and disbelief.

"Bang!" The moment Theo finished his words, they heard a thundering sound from the sky. They raised their heads to see a Fire Meteorite of a diameter of a hundred meters was hurtling towards the ground. It was the last piece of the Fire Meteorite.

It was burning with extremely strong flame power.

"Look! A huge Fire Meteorite! And its energy! So powerful! It must contain the fire essence! It must be a really powerful one at that! Move, everybody! Let's get ready for it!" Theo pointed at the giant stone and shouted excitedly.

Ricky and Kayla sprang into action, adrenaline kicking in.

"This Fire Meteorite is ours now!" an unfamiliar voice suddenly interrupted them, causing them to stop in their tracks.

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