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   Chapter 138 Entering The Earth Fire Place

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7519

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It seemed as though the sky was covered by the yellow sand. Tornadoes were erected from the ground, resulting in the yellow sand whirling into the center of the area. The yellow sand was everywhere and even rose as high as the sky. It was evident that the center of this area was the gate to the Earth Fire Place.

Ricky was shocked that even the big wild beasts had been sucked into the center.

Some of them were even torn into pieces.

"The tornadoes are so powerful!" Ricky couldn't help but sigh.

He could tell that even the most powerful warriors at Bone Reinforcement might have lost their lives if they were sucked into the center.

Everyone was waiting for the tornadoes to stop, just like the others who were standing on the big birds in the sky. There were quite a few demi-immortals that were on their way with their disciples.

Ricky immediately recognized these innate spirits as they got closer, as Elder Alexander greeted them with a nod.

"Every single time before the gate to the Earth Fire Place appears, there is a storm that occurs around it. It'll take several hours for it to stop," said Elder Alexander. "You should all be ready at any given time, preferably because there is only an hour for you to get into the Earth Fire Place through the gate. Hence, you must get inside on time," he added.

Then he took out three jade tablets from his Storage Ring, and handed them over to Ricky, Kayla and Theo.

"I've placed my innate spiritual energy in these jade tablets, which will help you stay together when you go through the way to the Earth Fire Place. The moment you enter the gate, you'll be separated by the power of space soon. Before the three of you get separated, you can crush these jade tablets and they will help all of you to stay together," Elder Alexander explained.

"Understood!" They didn't say a word and simply replied by nodding.


"Elder Alexander, you got here first after all?" Suddenly, a clear voice approached them from behind. They turned around and found five people flying towards them.

Among the five people were Andrew and Ivan, whom Ricky recognized.

The woman who was leading the way, surprised Ricky a lot.

She was as tall as Andrew. In fact, the two of them l

ot try and absorb any spiritual energy in the Earth Fire Place. The energy here is so wild that we might not be able to handle it," Theo warned.

"Well, if we don't absorb any of the spiritual energy here, how on earth are we going to survive?" Ricky asked suspiciously.

"Don't worry. I've already prepared something for us!" Theo replied with a smile. Theo took out two similar small bags from a black bag and handed them over to Ricky and Kayla.

"That is a storage bag!" Ricky shouted. He was surprised when Theo gave him a storage bag.

Although the storage bag wasn't as valuable as the Storage Ring, only the warriors at the advanced stage of Bone Reinforcement were qualified to have one.

"Yes, it's a storage bag. Even the casting masters that have reached the Demi-spirit Level, might not be able to make one. It's really hard to understand the mystery of space and recreate that fine art," Theo added.

"I've begged my master for several days, and she has finally agreed to cast three storage bags for us. Even though the space inside thereof isn't very big, it's enough for us for now," he continued.

"I've even placed five hundred Spiritual Energy Nourishing Pills inside. We can rely on the pills for the next three months," he added.

"Ha-ha! You're so thoughtful! Thank you, Theo," Ricky said gratefully. Then he put the bag up. He was happy to find that Theo thought of him.

"Well, alright then. Let's head further in the Earth Fire Place," Theo suggested.

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