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   Chapter 137 The Opening Of The Earth Fire Place

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The news that Elder Alexander accepted Ricky as his disciple spread across the whole Casting Guild, as well as the Casting City.

This sparked great concern of many other disciples, particularly those who wanted to gain the Pounding Skill from Ricky.

However, this matter met the expectations of countless warriors. Since Ricky managed to perform so brilliantly during the Casting Appraisal, it was quite normal for Elder Alexander to think highly of him and allow him to be his disciple.

It wasn't too long before many warriors refrained from keeping an eye on Ricky and even gave up scrambling for his Pounding Skill. Regardless of whether Ricky's Pounding Skill was brilliant, the warriors wouldn't dare to offend Elder Alexander, as he was a casting master of Spirit Level, as well as an innate spiritual king. It simply wasn't worth it. Besides, other warriors weren't backed by any innate spiritual king whatsoever.

Many disciples speculated the reason why Elder Alexander accepted Ricky as his disciple was that he planned to give Ricky the right to enter the Earth Fire Place.

However, no matter what the reason was, even Andrew and Ivan's men hesitated about taking action against Ricky, especially after he became Elder Alexander's disciple.


"What the hell? Damn it! I can't believe that Alexander dared to make Ricky his disciple. He really pisses me off!" Inside a resplendent room, Andrew, who was short and thin, became infuriated and disrupted the interior of the room.

"Alexander must've been intrigued by Ricky's manual. Otherwise, he wouldn't take Ricky on as one of his disciples so easily," Ivan analyzed.

"I bet that Ricky will enter the Earth Fire Place. It may be the perfect opportunity for us to attack him!"

"You're right. I didn't think of that before! Since he's become Alexander's disciple, he is eligible to enter the Earth Fire Place," Andrew remarked in a tone that emphasized his excitement, upon hearing Ivan speak.

As long as Ricky managed to enter the Earth Fire Place, Andrew would have plenty of ways to kill Ricky.

Upon hearing this, Andrew got a bit worried and added, "Although most of the warriors are afraid of Alexander, there still remains countless warriors outside that want Ricky's manual. Who knows what they'll do to retrieve it. In this case, will Ricky be willing to enter the Earth Fire Place?"

"Well, for anyone to win the Magic Spirit Stone, Ricky would have to s

Purification, I'm worried that many other warriors will attack you for using a real spiritual weapon. After all, all innate warriors are eager to get real spiritual weapons," Elder Alexander explained.

"After all, even if you place the spiritual weapon in the Storage Ring without the innate spiritual energy enveloping it, those innate spiritual kings can sense it easily."

"Elder Alex, it's not a problem. I'm satisfied with the demi-spiritual weapon!" Ricky uttered.

"Well, good. I think it's very good for you to think this way. I promise that I will forge a real spiritual weapon for you after you become a demi-immortal. However, I reckon that by then, you might not even need my help or protection," Elder Alexander spoke.

"Ha-ha. Thank you. No disrespect Elder Alexander, but I think I will still need your help. By then, your casting skill might surely reach the highest level," Ricky responded, laughing.

"All right, now... You can stop flattering me. The Earth Fire Place has opened. It's time for the three of you to leave," Elder Alexander said with a smile.


Then Elder Alexander made his way towards the Earth Fire Place, along with Ricky, Kayla, and Theo.

Being an innate spiritual king, Elder Alexander moved much faster than any bird of Bone Reinforcement, as well as the demi-immortal warriors. It took them only three hours to get to an endless yellow sand area.

From the air, they managed to see the middle part of the yellow sand area shrouded in the orange light, which seemed like the protective screen.

Without any doubt, the entrance of the Earth Fire Place came into view.

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