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   Chapter 136 Elder Alexander's Generous Rewards

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"Yes, there are limits!" Elder Alex nodded.

"What are those, Elder?"

"According to the rules of the Earth Fire Land, only the younger generation of disciples in their Land can enter the Earth Fire Place. Warriors from the other lands are not allowed to enter," explained Elder Alexander.

"Although you are now a member of the Casting Guild, you are not one of the warriors from the Earth Fire Land, so you cannot set foot on their land. Once you do, all the forces in the Earth Fire Land will be after you!"

"I see!" Ricky nodded.

"But, Elder Alex...Is there any other way to help me get into it?"

"Of course. I can announce to the world that you are my disciple, and with the number of places over which I have influence, you will be able to enter the Earth Fire Place. But I don't know whether you, my little friend, would like to pretend to be my disciple."

"Elder Alex, what are you talking about? Of course I would, I- I'd be honored!" Ricky continued, "Also, if I pretend to be your disciple, I believe those arrogant fools won't dare cross me again!"

"Well then, since you don't mind, this is settled. After a month, I'll send you, Kayla and Theo to the Earth Fire Place," said Elder Alexander.

Then he left, telling Ricky that he was going to the Treasure Tower of the Casting Guild to pick a Treasure from Heaven and Earth for his new pretend disciple.


About half a day later, Elder Alexander returned.

First, he handed Ricky a set of a cultivation methods.

"I've heard that you have an incomplete spiritual meridian with dual properties. Since you've been able to succeed until today, I believe you are also a man of great fortune. I see you've excelled at your cultivation method of the fire element, so I selected an ice element cultivation method at the inferior stage of the Black Level for you," Elder Alexander explained.

Next, he handed Ricky a roll of beast hide.

Because Ricky kenw that it was the cultivation method of the inferior stage of the Black Level, he opened the beast hide immediately.

Inside, Ricky was met with the sight of three shining words, "Ice Cage Fingers". It was the name of the cultivation method, and there were nine forms of

eo. After all, the three of you will journey into the Earth Fire Place together,"

Elder Alex added, getting up to leave.

Elder Alexander also took Ricky's Iron Destroyer with him. He would use this month to recast it for Ricky.

Ricky was ecstatic about this. With a Spirit Level casting master helping him, his weapon was bound to become an extremely powerful one!


After Elder Alexander left, Ricky immediately took out one Fire Lotus Seed and placed it into his Flame Zone.

First, Ricky set up the fire in the Flame Zone and cleared some space for the Fire Lotus Seed.

Then, he continued increased the flames to see how the Fire Lotus Seed would react with greater heat.

All in all, Ricky gathered up a third of the flames in the Flame Zone. To his delight, the Fire Lotus Seed began to react, absorbing the flames he fed it.

"It takes so much fire to even just make the Fire Lotus Seed absorb! If it grows into a Fire Lotus someday, it really would be a grand treasure," Ricky told himself.

And so, Ricky confidently put the remaining seeds into the Flame Zone.

No matter how much the flames were absorbed in the Flame Zone, the scarlet runes would keep producing more. Because of this, Ricky didn't worry that the flames in the Flame Zone would be engulfed and sucked up by the seeds.

After he was satisfied with the Fire Lotus Seeds' placement in his Flame Zone, Ricky turned to his training immediately. There was no time to lose!

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