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   Chapter 135 The Earth Fire Place

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Upon his arrival, Elder Alexander said to Ricky, "I've sent them back to the Snow Sect safely and assured them that you'd stay here for a while."

"Thanks for everything. I really appreciate it," Ricky responded.

"Ricky, if you want me to send you back to the Snow Sect, I can. I'm sure that those people won't defy me," Elder Alexander said.

"Elder Alexander, I thoroughly appreciate your kindness. However, you shouldn't be involved in this issue," Ricky said. "Well, apart from them, Endless Shadow is plotting to kill me too!" he added after a short pause. Elder Alexander replied with a concerning look on his face, "What! Endless Shadow!" Upon hearing this, Elder Alexander's expression changed immediately.

"You're in a lot of trouble, Ricky. Endless Shadow is fearless. They don't care for the Casting Guild's power whatsoever, nor that of the spiritual king. Keeping that in mind, it is also said that their leader is an upper spiritual king, which means that he is not someone to be messed with."

"Their leader is so powerful!" Ricky responded with a low tone in his voice.

"Therefore, unless you become as powerful as an innate spiritual king, Endless Shadow may never stop chasing you!" Elder Alexander said seriously.

"Elder Alex, you're aware that the realm of the innate spiritual king is fairly far from me at this point! There's absolutely nothing to be afraid of," Ricky replied with a confident smile.

"Well, if that be the case, I think you must stay here, or at least in the Snow Sect for a while. It is for your own safety!" Elder Alexander immediately shook his head. Although being as a Spiritual Level casting master and innate spiritual king, he didn't have the slightest idea how to solve the dilemma.

"Well, never mind then, Elder Alex. Here, this is a gift for you. I hope it can aid in your casting skills!" At that moment, Ricky proceeded to pass the set of pounding skills and runes he'd already drawn on, to Elder Alexander.

"What on earth is this? Why are you so mysterious?" Looking at Ricky's note curiously, Elder Alexander took it cautiously.

Reading the note, Elder Alexander started to tremble, his hands shaking as he read the paper. He was indeed very familiar with the pictur

Elder Alexander told Ricky.

"Besides that, it was also affected by the environment. Warriors were born in the Earth Fire Land and were nearly in the fire nature. Many casting geniuses were thus cultivated here."

"Elder Alex, I once heard about this from the elders!" Ricky said.

Elder Alexander continued, "Additionally, a tremendous mysterious plain will appear every thirty years in a yellow sand terrain. Countless Treasures from Heaven and Earth in fire nature, Beast Fire and casting appliances left behind from the ancient times can be found on the plain.

This plain is named as the Earth Fire Place.

Next month is the time that Earth Fire Place will show up!"

"With Earth Fire Place, Beast Fire, the knowledge of runes, and Treasures from the Earth and Heaven, the Earth Fire Land is a rather remarkable great place!" Ricky sighed in a low tone. His desire to go to Earth Fire Place was revealed from his longing eyes.

"Elder Alex, why don't you innate spirits also travel to such a vital place?" Ricky asked confusedly.

"That's a good point! However, we can't enter the Earth Fire Place, due to its mighty restriction to warriors beyond Blood Purification. Once there was a superior spiritual king attempted to break into it, and it ended in failure!"

"Even the power beyond the spiritual king resulted in nothing. It's unbelievable!" Ricky was amazed at the power of the restriction.

"However, is there any other restrictions, especially for me?" Ricky traced.

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