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   Chapter 133 Magic Spirit Stone

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Each and every single warrior that was before the presence of the dark stone tensed at the sight of it. It didn't look particularly special nor gigantic, yet it stood like a tall mirror that caused an intimidation amongst everyone. Beneath the surface of the stone was a mystery that was yet to be discovered.

"Take a look at this! Is this the stone for the measurement of weapons? It's quite a sight to behold, is it not?" a warrior blurted out in excitement. "The Casting Guild is astounding! How did it manage to obtain such a stone?" another warrior exclaimed, disbelief and shock evident on his face and as well as everyone else's. It was a groundbreaking moment for all the warriors present at the scene.

The weapon-measuring stone was unlike any other gem in the world -- the purest and rarest out of all stones hidden in the depths of the earth. It took an unbelievable amount of time for the stone to be the way it was, millions of years deep underground with airtight surroundings.

"It is known that this stone can measure the difference between two weapons with all due precision, and I'm talking about a one-to-ten thousand scale here. Its power is miraculous! I still find it hard to fathom that we're actually graced by the presence of this precious thing!" one of the warriors exclaimed, with a hint of curiosity in his voice.

'What? It can test out a difference to such degree? How is that possible?

I wonder how it's able to do that, ' Ricky thought to himself, fixated on the dark stone. A great amount of curiosity suddenly consumed his mind.

"I assume you three, being the casting geniuses that you are, already have an idea of how this dark stone works. I think it's the perfect time to put this stone to test." Elder Alexander beamed proudly to Zack, Ivan, and Ricky.

"Please, allow me to be the first one to try the magical abilities of this gem!" Zack pleaded, taking a step ahead to show his eagerness. His eyes were glassy, and his stance expressed how immensely he wanted to do the test first.

"Excellent!" The elder praised the young warrior for bearing such great courage and confidence.

Elder Alexander nodded in approval. In just a matter of seconds, his calm expression turned into a serious face, getting ready for what was about to happen. The old man raised his hand, and turned his palm towards Zack's head. Steams of invisible white energy coming from the stone quietly flowed into Zack's body. The next moment shocked the boy. Zack figured he had lost all abilities to manage his own powers when he tried to gather some spiritual energy himself. In order to avoid disruptions during the measurement, Elder Alexander had locked up Zack's magical abilities.

It didn't bother Zack at all, as he was genuinely curious about something else. Taking a deep breath, he began to execute his actions. He stood firmly, then crouched and stuck out the long spear that he had in his right hand. With a heavy sound, the weapon hit the surface of the magical stone.

Right then and there, the stone began to shake. A sharp, cracking sound was heard, and everyone held their breaths as they eagerly waited for the next moments to unfold. A bright line appeared on the surface of the dark stone, and gradually, more lines began to form.

"According to hearsay, mortal-level weapons could leave hundreds, even thousands of bright lines on the Weapon-measuring Stone! An average intermediate Mortal Level weapon could leave at least four or five hundred lines!" the warriors gossiped as they witnessed the test done on Zack's weapon.

"By showing how many lines on its surface is how the Weapon-measuring Stone works? That's amazing!" Ricky whispered to himself after hearing the others' words, still in awe of the mystical powers of the gem.

At that exact moment, four hundred lines were already visible. The warriors jus

more unsafe your life became.

'I better stay in Elder Alexander's place for a while until people forget about the thing that has happened today. I worry for my safety. When things clear out, everything shall go back to normal at once, ' Ricky pondered as he slowed his pace.

To Ricky's surprise, Ivan came up to his side. He was glad that he wasn't aggressive with his approach. Ivan sounded intimidating, yet his tone was rather friendly. "Ricky, I hope we can come to some kind of an agreement. I believe that I need the Magic Spirit stone more than anyone else here, so I want to buy it from you. Please, just name a price."

"Really? I am surprised that you have taken an interest in this stone. But I am sorry to say that I have to refuse, no matter how much it is that you'll pay me. Know that I need this stone just as much as you do," Ricky forced a smile and rejected Ivan's negotiation. 'How could I possibly agree to sell this stone to you after all the things I had to go through just so I can have it?' Ricky thought, mocking Ivan in his head. For him, Ivan was being moronic.

"You'd better think about it hard. If you really are as wise as they say, you should know that you are not strong enough to own such a powerful stone. That stone will be the death of you!" Ivan let out a smirk, as if challenging Ricky, and trying to get a reaction from him.

Ivan's words got to Ricky, and he instantly sank in deep thoughts. He was now getting confused about that things that had occurred. But then again, he knew he had to be the better man and not show weakness in the presence of a fiend. "And how is it any of your business, Ivan?" Ricky said harshly.

Ivan was obviously infuriated upon hearing Ricky's words. Still, he managed to speak in a controlled manner. "Fine then, Ricky. We'll see what happens," Ivan said before leaving.

"Another one to my long list of enemies, then. May God have mercy on me!" Ricky exclaimed in a whisper. He watched until Ivan was completely gone. He knew deep down that he would never let Ivan have a chance. He would rather kill himself than have Ivan killing him.

"Ricky, whenever you can, please pay a visit to the Heaven Wood Land. I live in the Heaven King Palace. I am looking forward to meeting you again. We could even practice our casting skills side by side," Zack pleasantly said. Unlike Ivan, he was kind, and even admired Ricky and wasn't at all boastful.

"You can count on me, Zack!" Ricky responded with a genuine smile.

The ultimate test of the Magic Spirit Stone had finally come to an end.

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