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   Chapter 132 Only Three People Finished

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Time was running out rapidly. They only had five hours left. They had to finish making weapons on time while also ensure that the weapons were very destructive and powerful.

The five participants had to channel their experience and exert maximum concentration on making weapons. They were all very careful, wanting to avoid minute mistakes.

The most pressing part of their situation was that they couldn't spend more than half an hour in melting materials. If not, they wouldn't be able to finish making their weapons in time.

Ricky had three aces up his sleeves: the Devouring Fire, the devouring rune and the Devouring Skill.

Because of this, it wasn't a particularly big problem for Ricky in terms of melting his casting materials.

Ricky was the first to only spend less than half an hour in finishing melting. Then he used frosty power to solidify the liquid materials to shape them into a saber. He soon began to beat it.

"Ricky is the first to finish melting! It's quite unbelievable that he could have finished it in such a short time," many disciples exclaimed loudly, having difficulties in calming down.

"Ricky has an exquisite talent in casting weapons. To me, there is no doubt that he can defeat Andrew!"

'Ricky is really good. If he manages to win the Magic Spirit Stone, he will surely maximize it to his use, ' Elder Alexander thought. Kayla possessing the Magic Spirit Stone once seemed to be the best outcome for Elder Alexander. But now, the last shred of doubt Elder Alexander held about Ricky had been settled and he hoped Ricky would win. He trusted Ricky very much, knowing the young warrior's nature quite well by now.

Ivan was the second to finish melting. When the Deserted Black Beast Fire burned out, all his materials had been melted. He began to beat his weapon immediately, tuning out the others' discussions.

Zack was the third to finish.

He had spent less than half an hour, like Ivan.

Next, Kayla and Theo spent just over half an hour in melting. Although it was just a small difference in time, it was still very crucial.

If they had managed to do it in half an hour, they could finish making the weapons on time. But if not,

nished casting.

It meant Kayla and Theo failed to finish the competition.

When they finished casting, they felt a little disappointed. Nevertheless, they had done their best. It was how the world worked.

They knew it was the only way to pass the casting course, so they pulled themselves together soon.

They soon left the ring, leaving Ricky, Ivan and Zack.

To Ricky's surprise, Kayla murmured some words of encouragement to him before she left the ring. She wanted him to win the Magic Spirit Stone.

Ricky jokingly replied, "Thanks, beautiful! Your words have given me a great boost. I will get the Magic Spirit Stone easily."

"Humph! Do you really think that you can win just because it took you the least time to cast?" Ivan muttered coldly after hearing Ricky's confidence.

Zack, who was beside Ivan, remained quiet. But the look on his face was definitely one of scorn.

"I didn't say that. I just think I'm much more proficient in casting than you." Ricky shrugged, a hint of a smile on his face.

"You are so conceited that you regard yourself as the best casting master in the world just because you defeated Andrew. Let's begin the competition and see once and for all," Ivan said coldly.

Elder Alexander and five casting masters at Demi-spirit Level from the Casting Guild walked to the three remaining contenders.

Elder Alexander then took out a dark stone from his Storage Ring, and the three warriors' eyes widened.

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