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   Chapter 131 Competition

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The competition among the fifth group was quite interesting to behold, but there was nothing special about it. The first four groups that came before them made the audience more engaged in the battle. There was no standout talent among them.

But everyone who thought so immediately took their words back.

Soon enough, an ominous-looking man showed up - the dark horse of the fifth group.

This dark horse was a young man donned in clean-cut black clothes. His hair was unkempt and unruly, resembling a disheveled hemp rope. His eyes, deep as the shade of the richest earth, resembled two pristine stones of onyx. His face had a commanding bone structure, a square even brow, and a nose that appeared like the end of a plane - this made him look more menacing than he already was.

On his hand was a silver spear, the weapon cast by him for the battle.

Every time his silver spear collided with the weapons cast by the other disciples, it cut the weapons in one blow. It was no surprise that this mysterious young man immediately ranked first in their group.

And this kind of situation was only seen from Ivan.

It was just a matter of time before he managed to grab the attention of the spectators. Even Ivan, who seemed nonchalant about this whole ordeal, kept his eyes peeled. There was something about the silver spear that attracted people's eyes.

Ivan was genuinely impressed with this man's casting skill - he was threatened, even.

So was Ricky.

'The casting skill of this young man is even better than Andrew's!' Ricky thought, as he observed the agile movements of the man.

Ricky admitted that it was hard to say whose casting skill between the two of them would emerge stronger. This person was truly impressive.

If Ricky cultivated some other manuals, this young man would easily win against him. It was a good thing that he cultivated the Chaos Manual, therefore, giving him a better edge among the others. He also had this unyielding spirit that couldn't be seen in other disciples. It was hard to say which among them would be better.

Ricky hadn't pushed himself to the furthest end of his casting skill yet. Even he himself didn't know how much further he could go in extreme cases.

"He seems to be Zack that came from the Heaven King Palace of the Heaven Wood Land." Some casting disciples who came from the Heaven Wood Land recognized the young man.

"Really? He's the well-known casting genius of the Heaven Wood Land!"

"Yes, he is Zack, who is better than other y

p, and all the casting materials were prepared. The five disciples came to their casting tables.

"Let the casting begin!" Elder Alexander boomed to signify the start of the appraisal.

Five people broke out their strongest blood vitality the moment Elder Alexander finished his words. Their bodies were filled with runes, activating their manuals to the extreme.

Under the casting areas, all the onlookers were looking at them anxiously without making any noise. They were careful not to disturb anyone as they cast.

Kayla waved her hands. The Freezing Cyan Beast Fire rose to climax and started to melt the materials. Meanwhile, Theo's Bony White Beast Fire also broke out. The Beast Fire of Ivan was Deserted Black Beast Fire, which was the flame of the demi-immortal spiritual beast— the Deserted Black Tiger.

Zack, on the other hand, turned the burning ocher flame into a giant dragon, directly sweeping over the casting materials and the tripod.

This kind of Beast Fire was called Burning Ocher Beast Fire, which was the flame of the demi-immortal spiritual beast—Burning Ocher Salamander.

Ricky was definitely unwilling to lag behind. The combination of devouring runes and Devouring Fire made his speed of melting casting materials second to none.

Flames were burning fiercely in five casting areas.

The explosion of runes reached the extreme. All of the five disciples made every second count.

The activation of manuals made them concentrate on the casting.

'Which one of them will be the first to complete the melting process?" All of the disciples present had this thought in their heads as they attentively observed the casting process.

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