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   Chapter 130 Triumphing Over Andrew

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At that very moment, the disciples who laughed at Ricky started shutting their mouths.

Ricky forged a saber, which could collide with the meteor hammer, which was cast by Andrew. It displayed that Ricky's saber was rather extraordinary, and measured up to Andrew's weapon.

In the current situation, if they continued to tease Ricky and think that he was over-confident, it would mean that they'd just end up mocking themselves, as well as their obsession with faith in the casting skill.

The disciples had no valid reason to laugh at Ricky. Instead, he began winning the admiration of others.

Kayla, Bertha, and Theo were all shocked by the scene playing out in front of them.

Before, Kayla didn't admire or respect Ricky whatsoever. However, she wanted Ricky to win.

'This guy is incredibly gifted and powerful! It's incredible to think that he has even surpassed Andrew within a few days, ' Kayla thought. Perhaps she finally fully understood why Elder Alexander thought so highly of Ricky.


"It's impossible! I cannot believe what I'm seeing before my eyes! How on earth can your saber match up to my meteor hammer?" Upon seeing Ricky's saber remain intact after ten powerful collisions, Andrew roared manically.

He intended to seize the final round in the ring. He wanted to humiliate Ricky and prove that he was far more powerful and excellent than Ricky could ever be.

If Ricky managed to defeat him, it would mean that he'd end up being a loser.

He didn't dare to imagine the possibility of being defeated by Ricky.

"Andrew, you seem to have gone back on the words you've said before the competition. It seems that you are unable to prove yourself or humiliate me," Ricky said with a mischievous grin on his face. He, of course, would seize the chance to sneer at Andrew at the very sight of his disappointed expression.

"Well, perhaps your casting skill is just exaggerated, and not that remarkable after all. It could be that you might only have been promoted to be one of the top three disciples of the Casting Guild, as a result of taking advantage of your parent's high status.

Or, did you merely fail to perform well today and forge your incredible weapon?


"That's enough now, Ricky! Shut up!" Andrew interrupted before Ricky had the chance to finish his words.

"Ricky, you should refrain from making such offensive remarks. It infuriates me! The only thing I'm afraid of now, is that your saber will be crumbled by mine in a flash! It looks so vulnerable!"

Andrew gathered all his

"I never expected Ricky to be the final winner!"

"Is he the real casting genius after all?"

"We even jeered at him earlier. How could we be so ridiculous!"

Everyone kept on talking and commenting on Ricky's incredible skills.


Ricky, of course, ignored the discussions and started walking towards Bertha.

The moment she saw Ricky getting close to her, Bertha gazed at him with praise and admiration in her eyes.

At the sight of this, Kayla snorted.

"Ricky, you're incredible. You are the most competitive warrior to strive for the Magic Spirit Stone yet!" Theo uttered, with the best compliments.

"Ha! I just won by a fluke this time!" Ricky responded modestly.

"Ha-ha! I really hope I can be as lucky as you!" Theo laughed.

He was very satisfied and delighted at this point. Being a senior in the Casting Guild, he was used to being belittled in front other of disciples, as he wasn't able to win against Ivan and Andrew in the casting competition every time. This time, however, Ricky managed to defeat Andrew, which made Theo feel less embarrassed but more pleased.

"You should not beat Andrew!"

Walking up to Ricky, Ivan shot a cold glance at him. "If you do, you'll surely have to pay a heavy price for your victory!"

Although Ivan didn't utter these words in a tough tone, Ricky and Theo could sense his severely murderous intent.

After speaking, Theo left quickly.

'What a horrible man!' Ricky thought to himself.

However, Ricky wasn't afraid of him, for someday he would be far more frightening than Ivan.

Right then and there, the fifth group's combat began. Most of the disciples started turning their attention towards the competition.

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