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   Chapter 129 Fighting Against Andrew

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The tension in the air was so thick that one could cut through it with a knife.

"The intermediate Mortal Level"—these words were like a magic spell, causing the disciples' ears to tingle and the hairs on their forearms to stand up. Only a moment ago, they had sneered at Ricky.

They came to venerate Andrew as a symbolic figure, someone who shared their jealousy of Ricky and utterly denied his competence. However, rocks emerged when water subsided. The saber that Ricky had cast served to counter their disdain, once and for all.

"How is it possible? How could he cast a weapon at the intermediate Mortal Level?" disciples murmured, looking at Ricky with suspicious eyes.

"Could it be that he was previously a casting master at the intermediate stage of the Mortal Level? But if so, why did he join the Casting Appraisal at the inferior stage? And he had to compete with Andrew during this too! And Elder Alexander's favoring him, perhaps it was only a coincidence!

Had he really reached the intermediate stage within three days? It's impossible!"


"How could this ever happen? He really made it!" Kayla was certainly the most astonished. In those three days, she had been observing quite closely how Ricky had done.

Bertha was, of course, surprised as well. But she again had to remind herself not to feel too surprised when it came to Ricky, especially after what he had done in the Snow Sect.

"What the hell!? Damn it! There can be no one superior to me! How dare he challenge me!" Andrew was outraged. "Die! He must die! Otherwise he will most definitely become an obstacle to my success!"


"Great!" The casting master who was examining Ricky's weapon nodded with satisfaction, rather pleased.

With a cacophony of heated discussions, the appraisal finally came to an end. About four-fifths of the participants passed, which meant that only about forty people were qualified to proceed to the next round.

Now, many disciples began to change their attitude towards Ricky! Perhaps it was true that becoming superior to those who were envious of you would turn their ill will into worship and respect!

"Congratulations! You have passed the Casting Appraisal of the intermediate stage of the Mortal Level. Now you can proceed to the next round, where you will be competing for the Magic Spirit Stone! If you are confident in your casting skills, welcome to the competition!" Elder Alexander said.

"Of course, if you fail this next round, it won'


Both warriors concentrated hard, stimulating their spiritual energy to the maximum. They both raised the weapon they cast, swinging it at each other with full force. They spared no effort, since they both wanted to smash the other to pieces.

Of course, they were not allowed to injure the other's bodies here on the arena. They could only vent their anger through their weapons.

Clang! The sound of hammer colliding with saber resounded through the air. Sparks flew around their weapons, shooting into to the surroundings like fireworks.

Because of Andrew's short stature, many sparks spattered onto his face, impeding his vision.

But Ricky didn't need to take advantage of this. He stepped back, waiting for Andrew to recover quickly, and wielded his saber again.

Because of this, even more disciples changed their mind about Ricky, gaining a deeper respect for him.


In a flash, the arena was once again filled with sparks from the collission of two well-made weapons.

Andrew's weapon was indeed extraordinary. His meteor hammer could be categorized in the secondary place in the weapons of the intermediate Mortal Level. But Ricky's saber, which had been formed by using Devouring Skill, was also quite impressive.

Ricky's saber and Andrew's meteor hammer were now neck and neck in the battle, the chance to claim victory up in the air. It could go to any of them.

This made all the disciples even more surprised. They didn't expect Ricky's saber to be so powerful, and certainly didn't ever think that it would hold up to Andrew's weapon. They leaned forward, anxious not to miss a second of the thrilling battle.

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