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   Chapter 128 The Intermediate Mortal Level

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But the truth was, Ricky chose not to reveal the fact that he had purposely caused his own failures. He believed that Elder Alexander would not teach him more casting techniques and methods if he had done the tasks perfectly.

Ricky activated the Devouring Skill to its fullest. Using the Devouring Fire as a medium, he began eliminating the impurities in the casting material.

Before beginning the intricate pounding process, Ricky first mentally practiced the Pounding Skill to perfection.

Ricky was not too meticulous during the pounding process. After all, the true pre-requisite to succesful casting was not meticulousness but the intricacy of mastering the Pounding Skill and a high degree of the casting master's assimilation into the ideal realm.

This assimilation was the perfect gauge of a casting master's grasp on the Pounding Skill and his attitude during the casting process.

Ricky would have to do his utmost best in both of these aspects in order to breakthrough and become a real casting master in the intermediate Mortal Level.

'That is no doubt an inheritance from a casting master in the Sage Level! His Pounding Skill is extremely intricate! Even I could only comprehend a little bit out of that!' Elder Alexander thought, marveling at Ricky's Pounding Skill. His sharp eyes zoomed in, focusing on his movements.

'If I could be enlightened by Ricky's Pounding Skill, I might gain an opportunity to breakthrough, '

Elder Alexander thought, paying even closer attention to Ricky's progress.

As time flew by, the more Elder Alexander focused on Ricky, the more shocked he felt. He realized that Ricky was completely engrossed in his work, to the point of being able to concentrate hundred percent on his pounding. Even casting masters in the Spirit Level like him could not manage to do such a thing!

He also noticed that Ricky had applied all the pounding experiences he had learned in the three days of training, including some of the more minute details. To his growing surprise, Ricky had perfectly applied whatever he had taught him with nearly complete comprehension. He had seen nothing like it!

If Ricky continued like this, he would probably succeed in casting weapons in the intermediate Mortal Level.

"How... How can it be!?" Elder Alexander gasped in astonishment as he tried to process the idea of Ricky's miraculously fast improvement.

In those three days, Elder Alexander had understood perfectly where Ricky was in terms of skill. And from what he could see then, Ricky certainly still had a long way to go before becoming a c

athetic disciples were! A weapon that wasn't even in the Mortal Level? Nonsense!

In no time, with completion of Kayla, Theo and many other talented disciples in the Casting Guild, the competition had come to an end. Elder Alexander and other masters from the Casting Guild had already started to inspect of the weapons that the disciples had cast.

Even though Bertha was already considered a talented casting master in the Snow Sect, here she was ranked much lower. The time she took to complete her casting process could only be considered as intermediate!

Similar to the others, Bertha finally looked over at Ricky.

Her mouth fell open in shock.

Although she was proud of her friend, deep inside her heart Bertha also did not believe that Ricky's saber could be a weapon at intermediate Mortal Level.

Soon, a casting master in the Demi-spirit Level from the Casting Guild approached Ricky.

Now everyone had turned their eyes to see what the verdict was with this shocking outcome.

'This rascal definitely couldn't have possibly cast a weapon of intermediate Mortal Level!' Kayla thought, shaking her head. But Kayla was in deniable of an inexplicable yearning for Ricky to succeed, a desire that she pushed down deep inside her heart.

"This time, Ricky is going to be a complete laughingstock. Imagine! He just finished his test of the inferior Mortal Level! And he still has the guts to go for the intermediate level! What an overestimation of his own capability! Arrogant fool!" many disciples said, sneering at him again.

However, a strong voice interrupted their jeers. "Ricky, saber, intermediate Mortal Level," the voice said, causing a stunned silence to immediately fall over the square.

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