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   Chapter 127 The Appraisal

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"The appraisal for the intermediate Mortal Level casting masters begins now!" Elder Alexander said, coming to the front of the dais.

"Let me show you the real power of casting, you bastard!" Andrew growled ferociously, positioning himself directly beside Ricky.

Ricky didn't care about him at all. Instead, he looked at Bertha and walked towards her, standing in front of her casting table.

"Ricky, when you are casting, just do your best. Don't push your spiritual meridian to the point of no return!" Bertha said, reminding Ricky to be careful. Actually, she really didn't want Ricky to participate in this appraisal.

She was well aware of Ricky's talent. But it was practically impossible for him to become a casting master of the intermediate Mortal Level after only training for a few days with Elder Alexander. If primary casting masters wanted to cast an advanced weapon, they might exert too much of their spiritual power, which could irreversibly damage their spiritual meridian.

Ricky hadn't formed a strong spiritual meridian yet. If it got damaged, it would certainly affect Ricky's future in the world of Martial Arts.

"Don't worry, Bertha. I know what I'm doing. I just want to test myself in this assessment. It doesn't matter whether I succeed or not," Ricky said earnestly.

But he wanted to slap himself after saying this. The very reason he had wanted to join the appraisal was to get the Magic Spirit Stone!

"Long time no see, Bertha!" Andrew suddenly came over and stopped beside Ricky, looking all over Bertha with a perverted smile.

"Mr. Wu. Now you've caught up with me!" Ricky said with a sneer.

"Kid, I told you, I'll show you the real casting power!" Andrew hissed.

"I look forward to it. I do hope your casting skills are not as stunted as your height," Ricky retorted.

"I'll make you pay for what you just said..."


"This is different from any previous appraisals, which I believe most, if not all of you already know. This time, we will carry out three rounds of assessments. After three rounds, the disciple who has the most sophisticated casting skills will receive the Magic Spirit Stone," Elder Alexander said, interrupting their squabble.

"Once again, I hope you c

ing his materials. He looked at Ricky as soon as he opened his eyes, looking forward to seeing Ricky's pathetic, awkward face while he struggled with melting!

But instead, it was Andrew who was surprised.

"How can it be? How is that possible? How he can melt faster than I can!?" Andrew rubbed his eyes hard, disbelief and hate coursing through his heart.

It was a big blow to him. Casting was one of the only things he was really confident about.

However, he was the third disciple of the Casting Guild. He was supposed to handle this pressure! He pulled himself together immediately and began to beat the material.

'Even if Ricky can melt materials so quickly, it's impossible for him to cast a weapon of the intermediate Mortal Level. I should cast my weapon as fast as I can and spend the rest of my time watching him flounder and fail, ' Andrew told himself.

"Clank! Clank!"

A moment later, the air was completely filled with the sound of weapons being beat.

Ricky was now using his Devouring Skill and regained spiritual meridian to do this. As he was exerting himself on pounding his weapon, Ricky repeated to himself the methods that Elder Alexander had taught him, combining them with his Devouring Skill.

This time, he had to cast it succesfully! He couldn't fail!

Ricky's brow furrowed with determination. When he was casting with Elder Alexander earlier, he had time after time ended in failure. He had set his heart on not having the same result today.

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