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   Chapter 126 Four Disciples

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After hearing this, Ricky and Kayla spun around.

They saw a handsome young man coming towards them, gripping a steel fan with his hand.

"Theo!" Kayla said happily at the sight of him. Ricky saw love emanating from her eyes as her entire face lit up.

"It seems that he is the one she loves deeply," Ricky murmured to himself.

"Look, it is Theo!" The young man's appearance also attracted the attention of many disciples, more of whom were women.

"Really, I do think that Kayla and Theo appear to be the perfect couple created by nature!" all sorts of comments came out from the crowd disciples.

Hearing them, Kayla's beautiful face became quickly flushed with embarrassment. On the contrary, Theo seemed to be accustomed to such comments, and he noncholantly continued to approach her.

His apparent lack of enthusiasm made Kayla feel a little disappointed.

Ricky was also looking at Theo up and down. Based on his appearance, Ricky got the impression that Theo was an upstanding man. But for his real character, Ricky would have to wait and find out.

Through the murmurs from the crowd of disciples. Ricky also understood that Theo was the elder disciple of the young generation of the Casting Guild.

Theo nodded to Kayla at first. Then he looked at Ricky and smiled. "You must be Ricky!" he exclaimed warmly.

"And you must be Theo!" Ricky replied, returning the smile.

"Theo, don't interact with him. He's a hypocritical man!" Kayla said, after seeing Theo approach Ricky in a friendly manner.

"If he really is what you say, I don't think you would walk with him!" Theo responded with a smile.

"Humph, I'm just following the Master's orders!" Kayla said with a scoff.

"Kayla!" another voice sounded. And by now, Ricky knew the voice very well. It was Andrew. Still filthy and ugly, he moved towards Kayla in a suggestive manner.

Kayla still disgusted with him, ignored him completely.

Andrew also saw Ricky, and diverted his attention to him at once. He was not stupid. He kn

least, not until now.

He looked quite average. But he had an extraordinary temperament, one which was better than Theo's.

"It's Ivan!" Immediately, many disciples recognized him!

"Ivan!" Andrew calmed down at the sight of him.

"Ivan!" Theo smiled.

"So this is Ivan?" Ricky looked at the young man and thought to himself. When Elder Alexander had previously imparted his experience, he had introduced four disciples of the Casting Guild to him!

Theo was the elder disciple; Ivan was the second; the third one was Andrew, and then it was Kayla.

Among them, Ivan and Andrew had the best casting talents.

"Theo, I will defeat you again this time!" Ivan looked at Theo and said proudly. He didn't even look at Ricky.

At this, Theo just laughed bitterly, choosing not to respond.

"Remember, there is no possible way that you can leave the Casting City alive!" Andrew said to Ricky coldly. He had now completely calmed down, but was still unwilling to let Ricky go without causing him some anxiety.

"Well, you should prepare to face me, then!" Ricky sneered.

Now, several silhouettes had begun to appear on the high dais. They were Elder Alexander and some of the Casting Guild's masters at Demi-spirit Level.

Their appearance indicated the beginning of that round of Casting Appraisal. Whatever would happen next!?

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