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   Chapter 125 The Challenging Casting Appraisal

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Perhaps Elder Alexander was right, and Ricky's set of casting skills surpassed that of a casting master of inferior Mortal Level. It was the remarkable Chaos Manual and his powerful reclaimed spiritual meridian that allowed him to make outstanding progress.

Ricky had the ability to gradually improve his casting skill, merely because he continued cultivating and comprehending the Chaos Manual.

That was also the reason why Ricky believed that his regained spiritual meridian formed part of a kind of inheritance.

However, even with his incredible casting skill, Ricky hadn't tried forging any weapon of intermediate Mortal Level.

That was the reason why Ricky said honestly, "Elder Alex, I admit that you're right. My casting skill level has already exceeded the inferior Mortal Level. However, I haven't had a chance to cast a weapon at the intermediate stage of Mortal Level."

"Well, I think before coming here, you should have considered and prepared yourself for attending the intermediate Mortal Level Casting Appraisal, as the appraisal is not that easy this time around," Elder Alexander explained.

"Elder Alex, could you please make it more clear to me?" Ricky asked curiously.

"You are acquainted with Andrew, right? Isn't he the mastermind who arranged the plot to play tricks on you this time? I also owe you an apology. Even though I'm the first Elder of the Casting Guild, I'm not capable of suppressing his parents whatsoever. Besides, my strength can almost be aligned with theirs."

"Elder Alex, I understand!" Ricky nodded.

"Although Andrew looks... well, you know; his casting skills are extraordinary and better than that of any other warrior in the Casting Guild. As for my disciple, Kayla, her skill is far less powerful than his!" Elder Alexander added, "Recently, the Casting Guild's chief received a Magic Spirit Stone! Our chief has decided to award this Magic Spirit Stone to the number one disciple with superb casting skills, accompanied with the purpose to encourage the disciples of the Casting Guild.

So, the intermediate Mortal Level Casting Appraisal is actually a competition. The one who shows the most extraordinary casting skill during the appraisal can win the Magic Spirit Stone."

"Oh, I see. By the way, what's the function of the Magic Spirit Stone?" Ricky asked.

"The Magic Spirit Stone is a kind of Treasure from Heaven and Earth. It can enhance the stage of a Blood Purification warrior's spiritual meridian. At the same time, it can also improve the warrior's comprehension and the talent for casting," Elder Alexander remarked.

"It's so mag

d that Ricky's casting skill was unparalleled. She also understood why her master would be impressed with Ricky.

For some apparent reason, her attitude towards Ricky started to change.

After all, Ricky was an incredibly gifted and intelligent man, which was exactly what drew Kayla. She was attracted by his ability and high level of intellect.

'Will Master Alex make Ricky his disciple?' Kayla thought about it for a second, feeling a sharp pang of jealousy in her gut.

Ricky spent a total of three days learning and comprehending the new casting skill.

The past few days presented the news about the competition to strive for the Magic Spirit Stone, which had spread throughout the entire Casting Guild. The regular Casting Appraisal additionally turned out to be an intense competition.

The participating disciples in the Casting Appraisal had confidence that shone greatly, which made the Casting Guild present an extremely positive and passionate atmosphere.

Ricky and Kayla arrived at the destination where the Casting Appraisal was going to take place.

They immediately excited all of the participants and drew all of the attention away from the other competitors.

Everybody had their eyes fixed on them because they were surprised to see Ricky and Kayla together.

"Who's that guy? Why is he accompanying Kayla?" To their surprise, however, gossip of Ricky and Kayla was drowning among the competition's intense atmosphere.

"Don't you know who he is? It's Ricky. You know, the man who attended the inferior Mortal Level Casting Appraisal. I've heard that he is in the good graces of Elder Alexander, who thinks very highly of him!"

"What? That's Ricky?!"

"Kayla, could you introduce this junior to me?"

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