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   Chapter 124 Elder Alexander's Invitation

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"Now this is the end of the appraisal! The disciples of the Casting Guild will distribute the identity cards later to those of you who have passed the test." It was a frenzy all around, so Elder Alexander had to deal with this. He took a good look around the chaos. He needed to get their attention and so he made a loud noise that startled everyone and successfully got everyone's attention for his announcement.

"Attention, disciples of the Casting Guild! This is your first and last warning. This is not the kind of behavior I expect to see from you from this day forward," he said in a warning voice to the disciples of the Casting Guild.

"Yes, Elder Alexander!" they answer in chorus. What Allen just did was more than vile. It would not only bring injustice to the appraisals, but would also harm the reputation of the Casting Guild. And as the first elder of the Guild, Elder Alexander was doomed to urge every member of the Guild to behave well.

Those disciples from the Casting Guild took a look at Ricky, trying to keep his face in mind. They knew that it would be better for them to remember this face because there was no way they could afford to against him. Elder Alexander called him "friend." This was obvious enough to indicate that Ricky not only was gifted to cast weapons, but also had earned Elder Alexander's favor.

As soon as the appraisal came to an end, all the candidates, along with their masters, went back to their rooms. They might have different moods as some failed, while some succeeded. Despite their different feelings, all of them remembered Ricky, a talented casting master!

"Thank you, Elder Alexander. I would not have been able to make it without your help," Ricky made a bow to Elder Alexander and thanked him with a sincere tone. Then he walked to Elder Samuel before he bade goodbye and intended to go back to take a good rest. However, Elder Alexander stopped him by inviting him to his place. "Ricky, will you stop by at my place?"

The gesture surprised Ricky very much.

He was more than glad to receive the invitation of Elder Alexander. How could he refuse him after all? He wanted Elder Alexander to favor him, and taking any opportunity to be able to establish a good relationship with him would be of great help in the future. Especially now that he had just made Andrew his enemy in the last few days. What was more, Andrew had a father who was a casting master of Spirit Level, and a mother who was an innate spirit. If Ricky wanted to keep himself and Bertha safe from Andrew, he'd better have good and powerful connections, such as with someone as esteemed as Elder Alexander.

"Of course, Elder Alexander. It's my honor," replied Ricky. Then he walked to Elder Samuel and told him everything before he followed Elder Alexander to his place.

Elder Samuel was glad to hear it, of course. One of his main reasons as to why he brought Ricky here to take the appraisal was to make him catch the attention of the elders of the Casting Guild. And seeing Elder Alexander like him was more than pleasant for him. He knew he made the right decision.

On the way to Elder Alexander's place, people looked at

r Alexander, hmmm. It sounds too formal," Elder Alexander also replied with a smile.

"Okay, Elder Alex, if you insist." Ricky did not refuse his suggestion. In fact it made him happy that they were starting to be more comfortable towards each other.

Then, Elder Alexander took him to his room.

"Ricky, may I know who is your master? You are a genius in casting. If I'm guessing correctly, your master must be a casting master of Demi-sage Level, or even a casting master of Sage Level!" Elder Alexander inquired with expectant eyes. In his mind, Ricky had such an achievement and it must because he was guided by some real impressive casting master.

Ricky realized why Elder Alexander was interested in him and took him here at his place all of a sudden. It turned out that Elder Alexander thought him to have a powerful master and wanted to know who he was.

But, it was understandable if he thought so. If he told him that he had achieved this all by self-cultivation, probably no one would believe it.

'Oh, I got it. He thought I have a powerful master, though this is not the case. But it's an excellent excuse, isn't it?' thought Ricky to himself.

"Well, Elder Alex... I rarely see my master. He is always traveling outside. For the last several years, I've only seen him twice. So I'm not quite clear about his casting level," Ricky answered with a seemingly embarrassed look.

"Oh, I understand, it does makes sense. He has such a powerful casting master, and that must mean that he is a hermit!" Elder Alexander did not notice anything wrong and nodded in agreement.

They finally stopped talking about Ricky's fictitious casting master.

"Here, I noticed that you can do more than a casting master of inferior Mortal Level!" Elder Alexander said. "There will be an appraisal to identify the casting master of intermediate Mortal Level. How would you like it?" invited him.

Hearing his words, Ricky was stunned and sighed secretly, 'He is indeed a powerful casting master of Spirit Level and an innate spirit! He has seen through me in this respect and knows that I can do better!'

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