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   Chapter 123 Reaping What They Had Sowed

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"Hmm.. Great! Impressive! "Excellent!"

A few moments later, Elder Alexander's aged eyes were filled with glee as he gazed upon the knife made by Ricky. He could not help but express his admiration for it as he was beginning to fall under the impression that Ricky was a genius in the making due to his unique creation.

Elder Alexander recognized Ricky's casting abilities and knew that they were far more impressive than those who practice casting with the same age as Ricky. He could easily tell as he was a Spirit Level casting master himself, even surpassing the likes of Elder Samuel.

'Who would have thought that Ricky possessed such an aptitude for casting that he was able to impress Elder Alexander!' the other warriors contemplated. Suddenly, they began to feel more envious of Ricky for his accomplishment.

They started to wonder where Ricky came from and how exactly he was able to capture the attention of Elder Alexander.

Even the other schools were astonished by what they were witnessing as they had begun to feel regret for missing the opportunity to take Ricky under their supervision.

The disciple clothed in white, along with the one who tampered with Ricky's casting materials, could not believe what just happened. They were so sure of their plot's success but they did not expect it to fail so badly.

"Ricky, right? My friend, I am very sorry for what you had to go through. The Casting Guild made a mistake. However, I assure you that I will see your case through and help you get what you rightfully deserve. This is my word," Elder Alexander said unexpectedly.

Everyone in the square was surprised by the casting master's sudden remark. Even Elder Samuel was caught off guard.

It was a known fact that Elder Alexander was no common master among his fellow elders. Furthermore, he was a Spirit Level casting master and an innate spiritual king himself. He was also one of the most well-known and respected Elders in the Casting Guild. Even the head of the Guild held a great deal of regard for Elder Alexander.

Now, Elder Alexander recognized Ricky's potential as a casting master and vowed to assist him. This action was shockingly new to every person around them.

'Could Ricky's casting skill rival that of the other seniors and prodigies?' Many of the warriors and masters thought as they witnessed Elder Alexander's unexpected gesture.

However, they could not prove their assumption right away.

They could only examine the knife that Ricky made and determine whether or not their speculations were true.

As for Ricky, even he was surprised by the Elder's fondness of him and his precious knife. Even though he knew that his knife would leave a good impression, he did not expect Elder Alexander to address him as an equal and even vowing to help his case.

For the first time in his life as a casting master did he only feel respected, much so admired by a master as respected as Elder Alexander.

'Am I really as goo

louder. He knew what would become of him soon.

"Oh.. Oh my... He's emasculating his casting abilities in the spiritual meridian. His casting days are over." Many warriors exclaimed as they witnessed this haunting sight.

The disciples of the Casting Guild had never felt more unnerved in their entire lives. They knew what this meant for a casting master. They were right to fear what was happening before their very eyes.

The other disciples thought to themselves and swore to never violate or disobey the rules and regulations of the Casting Guild. They knew that if they were to go against Elder Alexander's command, they would receive a punishment far worse than any other.

Being stripped away of one's casting talent from the spiritual meridian was a fate no casting master should ever want to experience.

'It seems to me that Elder Alexander sets this punishment as a warning for the other disciples. A warning that no one should dare to act against the law of the Casting Guild, ' Ricky thought to himself, showing no signs of compassion towards the accused.

After a few moments, Elder Alexander had finished depriving the disciple of his casting talent. He asked someone to escort the powerless disciple out as he walked back towards his seat.

The disciple was too weak to stand on his own. However, he looked back at Ricky before he went out of sight. His eyes filled with grief and anger towards Ricky. Rage and vengeance had consumed his body. And, with his last few moments in the guild, he vowed to himself that he would make Ricky pay for what had happened to him.

Ricky did not seem to care because he knew that the disciple was only one in a long list of people who wanted him dead.

It didn't matter that much to add one more. With everything that transpired, it was clear that Allen and his accomplice reaped what they had sowed.

And, if not for the help of Elder Alexander, Ricky would not have been able to pass the test of the Casting Guild.

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