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   Chapter 122 Ricky's Elaborate Plan

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Ricky smiled viciously as he looked at the young man in white.

Now that the young man was so afraid of Elder Alexander finding out about what he did, Ricky just needed to call Elder Alexander here and see what would happen next. But calling the said Elder was also a problem in itself.

"Now, the appraisal begins!" Elder Alexander announced after making sure that all the casting materials were delivered to the disciples present.

After this, all the disciples participating in the appraisal concentrated on the preparation for casting. The sound of flames rising rang instantly in the air.

Ricky also started his casting preparation. He first put some of the scrap metals into the smelter tripod to make them melt.

'What a fool he is!' the young man in white, who always paid attention to Ricky in fear of him telling Elder Alexander about everything, thought. He was terrified because if the Elder found out about what he did, he would be expelled from the Casting Guild. Andrew may not be punished, but he would definitely become the scapegoat.

So far, though, Ricky hadn't said anything and just focused on casting.

Who else would react like this, except for a fool?

But there was one thing that the young man did not notice. Instead of putting all of the scrap metals into the smelter tripod, Ricky put only half.

'It seems that I don't need to worry too much. There's no need to do this much shadowing to deal with this fool, ' the young man in white thought to himself. Then he started his casting preparation and didn't look at Ricky again, not even a glance.

After all, he also needed to focus on his appraisal in order to have a good performance.


Not much molten iron could be obtained by melting these scrap metals. This was true for other casting masters, but for Ricky, it was not difficult to make some more molten iron from these scrap metals.

He stimulated the Devouring Skill and transferred the Devouring Fire from the Devourer Zone to his right hand. Soon, scorching hot scarlet flames spread all over it.

Ricky had found out that with the improvement of his level, the Devouring Fire in the Devourer Zone also became more powerful. Of course, there was a requirement: enough energy was needed to be devoured by the Devouring Fire. This was also the reason why Ricky often went hunting beasts.

Now, as Ricky's Devouring Fire melted those sc

t at any moment.

As for the disciple who handed out the casting materials to Ricky, he stood rooted to spot with his eyes filled with insurmountable fear.

Now, with the attention of the casting masters at Demi-spirit Level, other people got to know what had just happened. They couldn't believe their eyes and they couldn't help exclaiming in surprise.

How could this awful thing happen in the competition of the Casting Guild? And how was it possible for Ricky to successfully cast a knife using only those scrap metals?

And it wasn't just a simple knife, either; it was the very knife that was strongly complimented by Elder Alexander himself.

They couldn't deny it. All of this only meant one thing: Ricky was a genuine casting genius.

'I finally understand what Ricky's elaborate plan is. It really works. Now everybody knows he is a casting genius!' Elder Samuel looked at Ricky and then at the people gathering around him. He was reminded of how he was told not to interfere regardless of what happened, and he was glad he kept his cool and just waited. It all made sense now.

This was Ricky's grand plan; to cast a knife with excellent quality out of scrap metals, attract Elder Alexander's attention, and take everyone--including him--by storm.

Ricky's casting talent was fully exhibited in this knife.

And to add icing on the cake, Elder Alexander also found out through this way that someone made trouble for Ricky, and he would surely deal with the relevant people. This elaborate plan of his killed two birds in one stone, and he clearly achieved what he wanted.

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