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   Chapter 121 Scrap Metal Materials

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The day had come for casting talents from all over the world to try their hand at joining the Casting Guild. Early in the morning, the square was already flooded with massive throngs, moving around the area in anticipation. This day was a big day for all of them. Everyone was hoping that they would achieve an impressive outcome in the Casting Appraisal.

In the center of the square stood some newly built casting tables. They were the pieces of outstanding work made by the innate spirits, whose powers and capabilities exceeded far beyond ordinary people's imagination. They were strong enough to destroy the world, and also strong enough to build everything from scratch. Building those stages to them was nothing, and they just finished them in the blink of an eye. Time was meaningless for them.

Today was set for the assessment of those who wanted to be recognized as a qualified casting master of inferior Mortal Level. According to the rule, as long as they completed the task set before them, they would be granted with the identity card of a casting master of inferior Mortal Level.

'Andrew seems to be a powerful man in the Casting Guild. I'm sure he will find fault with me. What tricks will he play on me? Oh, what a pain in the ass he is!' Ricky thought to himself as he approached the square with Elder Samuel. Andrew clearly had a fragile ego. What had happened a few days ago must have been a blow to his esteem. Ricky was now quite certain that this casting test was not going to go smoothly.

While Ricky was still lost in thought, the young man in white who had been part of Andrew's entourage walked towards him.

"Hey, you. How dare you show up here!?" the young man said, his dark eyes hostile. Obviously, Andrew's men were already well prepared to cause Ricky every bit of trouble they could, as apparent from the young man's expression.

"Why not? I have the abilities, and I'm qualified to participate in this appraisal. I'm sure the Casting Guild will not disqualify me for no reason," Ricky sneered back.

"Humph! Let's wait and see. Who laughs the last laughs loudest. I just hope for your sake that you will still get a chance to at least laugh a little bit!" Andrew's man said, before turning his back and stomping away. He had specifically approach Ricky just to give him a warning about the consequences of pissing Andrew off.

He had accomplished his task, and was not willing to waste his time and breath in trading jabs back and forth with Ricky. All he needed to do next was wait for the time when Ricky failed to complete the task during the appraisal.

"What's the matter, Ricky? Who is that man? Do you have any conflict with him?" Elder Samuel demanded.

"Elder Samuel, we met a few days ago. But don't worry. It was nothing serious," Ricky replied respectfully as he lowered his head.

"Good. Leave those people alone. Your priority is to pass the appraisal," Elder Samuel advised.

"Yes, I will. Thank you for your concern, Elder Samuel," replied Ricky.

After a

ll of course earn their membership. With this card, you are entitled to all the rights at an equivalent level of the Casting Guild!

For those who fail this time, you are still welcome to participate in the appraisal the next time it comes around!" Elder Alexander said as the materials were being distributed.

Finally, everyone had their materials. Now Ricky saw what kind of trick Andrew had played on him.

He took a glance at the other candidates nearby and found that although their materials were not of particularly high quality, they were at least ordinarily-used casting materials. But his materials were nothing but some scrap metals, covered in rust and obviously brittle.

It would be difficult even for a casting master of Spirit Level to cast a weapon with such terrible metals!

'Pufft! Good job! What a wretched, pathetic man that Andrew is!' Ricky shook his head and sighed to himself, feeling rather helpless.

Some other candidates nearby also noticed Ricky's situation. They exchanged discreet looks with each other, some curious, some suppressing their laughter. But all of them strove to stay silent. They easily deduced that Ricky must have displeased some powerful figure from the Casting Guild.

They would not dare speak up for him at the risk of becoming the target of whoever it was that Ricky had gotten on the bad side of. Otherwise, their appraisals were going to end up in failure. What was more, they might even cause trouble or bring disaster to their clans or organizations. No one wanted to risk bringing this miserable consequence on themselves.

The young man in white, on the other hand, glanced at Ricky coldly, slight fear reflected in his eyes.

'It seems that this bastard is afraid that Elder Alexander will discover that something fishy is up with my materials, ' thought Ricky when he noticed the man's nervousness. 'Well, that's a good opportunity! It's time for me to repay your dastardly deed with something impressive!' Ricky thought again determinedly.

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