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   Chapter 120 The Casting Appraisal Was About To Begin

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Bertha was looking at Ricky, clearly searching for a way to turn Andrew down. Ricky immediately understood and gently held her waist to guide her behind him. Now, he was standing in front of her, staring down at Andrew.

Andrew's face darkened at once. He was really upset that Bertha hadn't objected to Ricky touching her supple waist.

"It's getting interesting. Very few people in the Casting Guild would dare to go after the woman Mr. Wu likes. This young man from the Snow Sect is either very brave, or incredibly stupid!" an onlooker couldn't help but say.

Ricky's defiance had already attracted some attention. Several onlookers even began to discuss this development with each other in barely hushed tones.


Ricky didn't care about their judging looks at all. He stared at Andrew, who came up only to his waist, and said flatly, "Mr. Wu, it seems that Bertha doesn't want to go out with you. I think you should just go away. If you refuse to respect her wishes, I'm afraid this may be detrimental to the Casting Guild's reputation."

Andrew's face became livid upon hearing this.

Because Ricky had invoked the reputation of the Casting Guild, Andrew wasn't sure how to proceed. He had to take into account the Casting Guild's reputation and it showed that he cared about it.

Even if he wanted Bertha so badly, he couldn't take the risk of being known for marring the Guild's reputation.

However, even though Andrew had yet to reply, the guards standing behind him couldn't stay quiet any longer.

The two guards in gray robes stepped forward and stood intimidatingly close to Ricky. It was easy to tell that there was murderous intent in their eyes.

"You damn kid, don't say that I didn't warn you. The Casting City isn't the right place for you twerp to be in!" a guard at the seventh grade of Blood Purification sneered.

The guard had even rolled up his sleeves and clenched both of his fists.

"Hahaha! Is it a threat? I have no idea that the people from the Casting Guild would launch threats like that! I was led to believe that the Casting Guild is honorable. It seems that I was wrong!" Ricky retorted. He deliberately spoke aloud, so that the people surrounding them would be able to hear what he had said and bear witness to it.

"Bastard! Watch your mouth!" the guard shouted. The guards had already noticed that the onlookers were whispering to one another again, so they raised their fists and ran towards Ricky.

nformation about Andrew from Bertha.

She told him that Andrew was recognized as a genius in casting. He was only nearly twenty, but had already become a casting master at the intermediate stage of Mortal Level.

'Oh? It seems that I was wrong about his age because of his height. A casting master at the intermediate stage of Mortal Level that isn't even twenty years old! It means that he is indeed quite gifted, ' Ricky thought.

Bertha also told him about Andrew's family background. The main reason Andrew was so conceited and arrogant was because his father was one of the five elders in the Casting Guild, and his father was a casting master at Spirit Level.

Aside from this, his mother was an innate spiritual king as well.

'He is really privileged that his father is an outstanding casting master and his mother is an innate spiritual king...' Ricky thought, pacing his room. He began to get a little worried.

However, Ricky knew that it was no use worrying. It was a waste of his time.

So Ricky tried to stop thinking about him and the Casting Appraisal and focused all his energy on cultivating his Devouring Skill further.

In fact, he still didn't know much about the Devouring Skill.

The Casting Appraisal was going to be held in only a few days' time. He really wanted to further comprehend his Pounding Skill based on the Devouring Skill.


Four days passed and the day of the Casting Appraisal finally dawned.

Everyone in the Casting Guild was very excited about this great event, which was the highlight of the year. The appraisal of casting masters at inferior Mortal Level was about to begin.

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