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   Chapter 119 An Admirer Of Bertha

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 10100

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After they entered the territory of the Earth Fire Land, the Snow Vulture flew for two whole days before they finally alighted at the center of the land, which was where the Casting City was to be found.

Before they entered the city, they got off the Snow Vulture, Elder Samuel included. In accordance with the city's law, all warriors had to walk into the city. Riding a Snow Vulture was definitely not allowed.

However, this rule did not apply to an innate spirit and a casting master of Spirit Level.

This was the privilege of being a powerful warrior. Its fairness was contestable, but it was the law.

Up until Ricky's arrival in the Casting City, he had not understood Elder Samuel when he had said that he only had limited privileges. After a few minutes of his walking down the road, he had already encountered over ten demi-immortals. From their casting identity cards, Ricky learned that they were all casting masters of Demi-spirit Level. Among the likes of them, Elder Samuel was considered just an ordinary strong casting master.

'The Casting City! What an amazing place! There are so many talent warriors here. And goodness, there are casting masters of Demi-spirit Level everywhere!' Ricky secretly thought to himself, rather surprised. He had grown more interested in the Casting Guild now.

Among the crowd full of demi-immortals, they looked rather common even with Elder Samuel, who in the Snow Sect looked much more intimidating as a demi-immortal and a casting master of Demi-spirit Level. Ricky was a totally ordinary warrior compared to them. Bertha, as a beauty, was the only one who attracted some gazes as they went on their way.

Ricky looked around carefully as Elder Samuel led their way.

The first impression Ricky had about the Casting City was its immense size. He made a rough comparison and estimated that it was more than ten times the land area of the Snow Sect!

Finally, they arrived at the gatekeeper's post, where they were to pay the entrance fee. Ordinary warriors were expected to pay one hundred silver coins in order to enter. This took Ricky by surprise. 'Damn, it's so expensive!' Ricky silently cursed, worried about his finances.

According to the law, a casting master of Demi-spirit Level only needed to pay ten silver coins. Therefore, Elder Samuel could enter at a much lower price. As for Bertha, she only had to pay forty silver coins to be admitted because she owned a casting identity card. Ricky was the only one who had neither a higher position nor a card. One hundred silver coins were paid to grant him the right to enter.

For the first time, Ricky saw firsthand what a casting identity card could bring about in terms of privileges and benefits.

Once they had entered the city, Ricky saw nothing but streets crowded with a lively throng and crammed with various things.

It was a big city with a vast network of streets. Vendors were shouting out loud to sell their goods. Various pieces could be found here, such as the Treasures fr

n expression of disgust. He could tell that she disliked this man a good deal.

Andrew Wu was now close to Bertha, with his three guards tailing him.

His nasty eyes took Bertha in, going up and down as if he was staring at his prey. Possibly, in the next second when he opened his mouth to speak, he would slobber due to his uncontrollable gluttony.

"Nice to see you, Mr. Wu," Bertha greeted out of politeness, her jaw clenched.

"I missed you so much, Bertha! I'm quite thrilled to see you here. By the way, I'm free for the whole day today. I can take you to the largest gourmet court in this city. Let's go! They serve the most perfect wine there. I'm sure you will love it. I promise. Just follow me. I can't wait to catch up with you," Andrew Wu said in a single breath, seeming as though he had spoken every possible word he could come up with.

"Thank you for your invitation, Mr. Wu. But I'm afraid I can't go with you today. I'm supposed to show my junior around. This is one of my responsibilities as his senior. I apologize," Bertha said firmly.

Immediately, Andrew Wu's wicked eyes darkened. He turned to Ricky with an evil smile.

"That's not a problem. I will send two beautiful girls and they will show him around. And he can buy anything he likes. It's all on me. What do you say?" Andrew Wu suggested.

Then he stared at Ricky as a warning, signaling him to behave himself and accept his arrangement as if he was saying, "Be smart, kid. Stay away from us and don't interrupt us. Otherwise, there will be consequences."

"Mr. Wu, I'm afraid this cannot be..." Bertha hesitated. She had run out of ideas on how to reject his advances. So she now turned her eyes to Ricky, silently asking him for help.

Usually, Bertha behaved strongly and independently. However, she could falter when she was faced with malicious men like Andrew. In the society she was in, the help of a trustworthy man could get her out of tricky situations. And now, Ricky was the very man she turned to.

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