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   Chapter 118 The Earth Fire Land

The Legend of Innate Mage By Hua Luo Wei Yao Characters: 7657

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The demi-immortal assassin cried out in pain as his arm was shattered to pieces by Elder Samuel's large hammer.

Although the demi-immortal warrior's strength and cultivated body nearly separated from his mortal physical body, they managed to remain connected. After his arm was broken, most of his power had drained out of his system.

As for Elder Samuel, he was also severely injured and in great pain as the demi-immortal assassin's sword had made a deep stab wound in his left rib. Now that Elder Samuel was injured, the demi-immortal assassin took the opportunity to escape.

"You better watch out, Samuel! Because of what you have done to me today, I will seize every chance to take revenge on the Snow Sect from this day forth!" he snarled threateningly as he leaped onto the Black Vicious Pengornis. In no time, he was a black spec in the sky.

He abandoned his colleague, the assassin at the peak of Blood Purification, who was still doing his best to fend off Ricky and Bertha.

"You're just a demi-immortal who's lost most of your strength and power, so you can't return to the Endless Shadow anymore. Besides, how dare you be so reckless to attack a disciple of the Snow Sect? You were just asking for trouble!" Elder Samuel responded coldly.

But he didn't chase after the killer, as it was pointless. He was injured and might not be able to slay the killer even if he could catch up with him.

After all, Elder Samuel had succeeded in breaking the demi-immortal assassin's arm, which showed the magnitude of his strength and prestige.

"Your leader has abandoned you and left. Do you still insist on a futile struggle against us?" Ricky asked his opponent, feeling rather impatient and annoyed.

"I promise that if you tell us who hired you to attack us, I will let you depart with your life!"

"Your words are very tempting, but I will never give in! The moment I signed up for this job, I had to accept that everything is not up to me!" It was the first time that the assassin had made a proper reply.

But after saying this, he took his sword and sliced cleanly across his neck.

"Oh..." Ricky was quite startled at this.

"Don't be so shocked. It's normal for them to take their own lives if they fail at their missions," Bertha remarked, withdrawing

"You don't have to think about it too much now, Ricky. When you become an innate spiritual king with your horizons broadened, your knowledge will expand, and you will learn things for yourself!"


"Now that the Earth Fire Land is very hot and dry, it was a suitable place to casting weapons, as forging a weapon is dependent on fire. I am sure you know this well.

The Earth Fire Land has the largest number of casting geniuses among all of the places in the Realm of Wildness or other large realms. That's why the Casting Guild was founded in the Earth Fire Land," Elder Samuel explained.

"Casting geniuses? I really want to meet them and challenge them to a competition!" Ricky said aggressively, with an expression of defiance in his eyes.

"Perhaps you're the only casting genius for several realms around who would ever dare make such bold remarks. You really are so reckless!" Bertha sighed, pouting her lips.

But to herself, she had to admit that Ricky was the most talented warrior she'd ever seen in the aspect of casting.

"Ha-ha! I was born brainy and fearless!" Ricky laughed at Bertha's combined complaint and compliment.

"You're not modest in the least!" Bertha retorted, shooting him a disapproving glance.

"Alright, you two. We're going to head for the Casting City where the Casting Guild is. Mind your manners and words, because even if I'm a casting master of the Demi-spirit Level, I'm not held in as high regard here," Elder Samuel reminded them. This was it! Their destination!

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