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   Chapter 117 Power Of Elder Samuel

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"Yes!" Following the order of the killer of demi-immortal, the killer at the peak of Blood Purification agreed to leave.

"Since you have come, how can you go but leaving nothing for us?" Elder Samuel said in a very infuriated voice. He never had the intention to keep the lives of the two Endless Shadow killers.

"Nonsense! You are also a demi-immortal! You can't stop me now!" the other killer replied with obvious disdain on his face.

"Try me!"

Elder Samuel had enough of the two killers' shenanigans. His body started to glow with a blinding light and radiated power. He abruptly took the ancient sledgehammer from the Storage Ring and held it with both of his hands. The sledgehammer connected with him and runes started to appear all throughout his body.

"You are just a half-assed casting master at the Demi-spiritual Level! Now, how can you make me stay with that? You are overrated!" The runes that came out of Elder Samuel's body were not as impressive as the killer thought for they were only runic powers. This only made the killer go cocky and look down on him.

But Elder Samuel did not listen to the killer's banter. Instead, he gathered up all his might and continued to pour his power in to the runes on his body.

Elder Samuel was a great warrior and no other being could say otherwise. The killers might have judged his cultivation too soon. He continued to show the disrespectful killers that he was not just an ordinary warrior. Moments later, the seemingly weak runic powers in his body had changed dramatically.

The runes in Elder Samuel's body changed from water blue to blood red gradually, inch by inch.

Not only that it was a sight to see, it also triggered other senses in the room. Ricky who stood and observed the cultivation recognized the odor that circulated in the room. It was the familiar sense around the blood red runes that were in Elder Samuel's body--the sense of devouring runes.

"Wow, Elder Samuel's cultivation is something else, huh. Now that is what you call impressive," Ricky sighed in amazement as he watched Elder Samuel's runes change.

Ricky instantly knew without a shadow of a doubt that this was his doing. The color-changing of Elder Samuel's runes was due to how he understood Ricky's cursory teaching of the Devouring Skill. Ricky found it magnificent that he was able to reach this level in just three days.

'Elder Samuel seems to have a real talent on casting, but sadly the manual he's practicing is probably just a plain one, which ha

t than ever and wanted to battle the killer yet again.

"Bertha, want to jump in and help?" Ricky said.

Keeping the energy in the battlefield at a high, Ricky's vigor soared. He instantly cultivated the Fourth Degree of the Nine-degree Body Refining formula and the devouring runes started to pour into his body.

"Sure!" Bertha agreed, with cyan runes floating around her voluptuous body.

"Damn! Goddamn it! My boss didn't tell me that both of you are casting masters!" the killer cursed as he watched Bertha and Ricky's powers almost achieve their peaks.

Apparently, his boss had concealed some important information about Ricky to him.

"Your boss seems to have given you a Trojan horse. If you tell me his name, I will think about letting you go!" Ricky said.

"Just two casting are not even qualified!" The killer at the peak of Blood Purification said coldly.

"Why do you put yourself into trouble? We can deal with your boss. We can get your revenge!" Ricky persuaded the killer.

The killer had second thoughts about dropping his boss' name. The more he stood there without saying anything, the more Bertha and Ricky became aggressive with their statements and interrogation.

"Ricky, don't talk nonsense. Even betrayed, the killers of Endless Shadow won't disclose their boss' name," Bertha said. "Or their boss will make their lives miserable."

"Really? It seems that the killer does not have a reasonable career!" Ricky said, giving up with the investigation.


A scream came out of high in the sky. The killer's whole right arm was shattered into pieces as Elder Samuel struck him with the ancient bronze sledgehammer.

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