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   Chapter 116 Counter Killing

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"How is it possible? The information we've obtained clearly states that you are only at the fifth grade of Blood Purification. How could you be in possession of such powerful strength?" The assassin's eyes had suddenly grown solemn as he gazed at Ricky, lost in thought. The contempt had disappeared from his eyes.

"Humph! You are like a frog at the bottom of a well. Haven't you heard that there is a kind of genius who has the ability to compete above his level? Obviously, that is what I am." Ricky sneered.

"That means today, you are the one destined to die!"

"You fool!" the three assassins said coldly, their eyes flaring up at Ricky's bold words.

Even Elder Samuel and Bertha were speechless. How could Ricky be this arrogant?

However, when they recalled Ricky's track record, they calmed down to an extent. His arrogance was usually substantiated.

"Die today! I will show you what Endless Shadow is! You arrogant bastard!" The assassin shouted as he waved his sword, ready to wield it on Ricky.

He was indeed remarkable. He had comprehended a considerable level of sword-light and he was now at the seventh grade of Blood Purification. His speed also ranked high among the warriors at his grade level. Along with his ghost-like attack path, he was virtually untouchable at the seventh grade of Blood Purification.

However, he had now met Ricky, a warrior who possessed abilities previously unheard of. Even if Ricky was just at the fifth grade of Blood Purification, he was capable of competing with any warrior at the seventh grade of Blood Purification! Outstanding!

"Ghostly Flurry!"

The assassin roared loudly, and then his figure and sword disappeared in a ghostly manner from Ricky's eyes. He was using an advanced speed.

At once, Ricky directly activated the Nine-degree Body Refining Formula to the Fourth Degree. The green lights floated into space around him, shining brightly.


The sound of a forceful collision rang through the air.

With the appearance of the assassin's figure, the tip of the sword had stabbed Ricky's neck, but because he had used the Fourth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, only a nick was made.

'What a tremendously fast speed! I can't even see him, but only feel him! If it weren't for the Fourth Degree of Nine-degree Body Refining Formula, I would have been dead meat now. Oh, it's true... I still have a long way to go!'

ont of Ricky. His Iron Destroyer collided with the sword.

"Boom!" The moment their power collided, the sword in the assassin's hand was knocked into the air. Ricky's Iron Destroyer with diffusing flame sank deep into his chest.

"Bang!" A dull sound was heard as he fell heavily onto the ground.

With blood spurting out of the deep gouge in his chest, the assassin could do nothing but stare at Ricky as his life drained out of his body.

"How is it possible? I can't believe it. How did you know my position?" He growled with his last ounce of life, still unwilling to accept defeat.

This was the destiny of an assassin. Once his fatal attack failed, his life would be on the line.

"You've comprehended sword-light, and I've comprehended saber-light. Both are from the Light Apperception. Once I calm down, it's not difficult for me to zero in on your direction.

So, don't be so overconfident with your pace, and don't rashly look down upon any opponent.

But I suppose... you won't be able to use this advice,"

Ricky said, the assassin's life ending together with his sentence.

"Useless idiot! You can't even handle a weakling at the fifth grade of Blood Purification. You deserve to die!" The demi-immortal assassin sneered at this scene.

Their organization of assassins was just like this. Everyone was unmerciful and emotionless. It had to be that way to be able to do their job.

"Quest failed! Retreat!" the demi-immortal assassin yelled out to his colleague at the peak of Blood Purification. They glared at Ricky, who was still standing over the corpse of their slain fellow.

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