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   Chapter 115 Endless Shadow

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Unaware that their lives had already been in danger, Ricky, Bertha and Elder Samuel was heard discussing the secret of casting in their most distinct voices. No one realized the impending peril ahead.

Elder Samuel and Bertha felt secure for being bold and outspoken for they had been living a peaceful life and had not made any enemies in their existence.

Ricky was the only one brave enough to face the emulator due to Elder Samuel's presence. The whole world knew that the gruesome killing mission of assassinating a demi-immortal could only be done by several gallants bearing the same skill as Ricky himself or even by a more valorous innate spirit.

Shortly, Elder Samuel noticed something peculiar. Without a second thought, he warned Ricky and Bertha to be cautious and guarded as he had already deployed his Snow Vulture to position in the woods.

"Chirp, chirp!" A sound of birds chirping was heard.

Shortly after arriving, the sound of fluttering birds was heard in midair. A pair of two large dark birds of prey plummeted from the sky towards them.

The pair of horrific-feathered creatures as dark and hard as rock, were bearing an eerie spine-chilling coldness.

"Black Vicious Pengornis. I knew it is you." Ricky breathed, "A feathered creature that was as strong and daunting as the warriors at their intermediate stage of Bone Reinforcement!" Ricky finally said in his strong voice. Ricky was familiar with the beast by heart. It was a monster lurking in the most abominable environment, blood sucking and ruthless.

"Trouble is approaching! Here comes the Black Vicious Pengornis!" a voice from the crowd was heard. With the beastly flying creature plummeting towards them, Bertha growled, "Who in the name of the devil would try to kill us and do such atrocious thing!"

Elder Samuel was just in a corner standing still. In his somber mood and not uttering a single word. He knew then that their lives were in impending peril.

"Bertha, can you tell me what is really happening?" Ricky asked with eagerness to know everything in his tone.

"In the Realm of Wildness, there's a group of people called the Endless Shadow, an extremely petrifying organization of murderers." Bertha said, "In Realm of Wildness, as long as you could afford the price for employing them to commit a murder, they would put themselves out of the way to do it for you.

The troop even showed no fear of murdering casting masters of Spirit Level at the Casting Guild, for they were equipped with successful experience and they were willing to fight again.

They would pledge their lives to every task given. Their loyalty was incomparable. Once they took a miss

ou challenge me in the advanced stage of Blood Purification?!" Ricky's taunting irritated the killer at the advanced stage of Blood Purification.

In the presence of the Endless Shadow, fear and terror crept into those who were to be murdered. Things had changed however. This was the very first time that Endless Shadow was challenged. They could never remain calm and undisturbed.

"Kill him!" The killer at the advanced stage of Blood Purification took out his sword from around his waist, not wasting his spiritual energy and sword-light, not losing his target and aiming at Ricky.

'I recognized that. It's a sword-light! It has been used by warriors from the Endless Shadow! It appears all these fellows in Endless Shadow are of no ordinary talent and are not a pushover, ' Ricky thought to himself. He had watched another two killers fight against Elder Samuel and Bertha with the help of Light Apperception.

To become a real killer, one had to fulfill the greatest epic performance among his troops.

"It has been a while the last time I was in a battle since I returned from the Blizzard Cliff. Let me show you how strong my Iron Destroyer is now!" Ricky drew out his Iron Destroyer in an instant.

Thud! A loud sound lingered in the scene.

Iron Destroyer's blade slashed, making a loud, fierce and frightening noise. The entanglement of the sword-light and the saber-light produced a violent noise tearing apart everything it hit.

Clang! Clang! Clang! The two weapons exchanged clanks.

Both were unstoppable. Energy blasted from the collision of the swords were all over the place. They were soon forced to end their first round of battle. Suddenly, the killer at the advanced stage of Blood Purification stood still and his eyes grew wider and darker.

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