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   Chapter 114 The Casting Guild

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"Ricky, you're a casting master in the inferior Mortal Level! Are you seriously asking me what the Casting Guild is?" Bertha said, surprised.

Even one who was not a casting master would know that there was a Casting Guild!

"Bertha, you know that I've never been invested in this kind of stuff at all," Ricky explained awkwardly.

"Well... alright..." Bertha said, not knowing what else she could say.

"Ricky, do you know of the division between Realm and Land of the Misty South?" Elder Samuel asked Ricky, leaning forward to gaze at him seriously.

"No, Elder. I must admit that I am not quite familiar with it."

"The Misty South is incredibly vast, and it is connected by the Realms, part by part. I do not know the exact number of Realms, seeing as how I am just a demi-immortal warrior. It is only those who reach the level of innate spiritual king that are qualified to roam around the Misty South.

Every Realm is divided into several Lands, so to speak.

The Realm which we reside in now is called the Realm of Wilderness, and Snow Land is one of its four Lands."

"I see. Do you mean to say that there are two more Lands except the Snow Land and the West Desolate Land?" Ricky asked.

"Yes, Ricky. The Heaven Wood Land and Earth Fire Land," Elder Samuel replied.

"So the Casting Guild is..." Ricky murmured.

"The Casting Guild is co-founded by the top casting masters in the entirety of the Misty South. It exists in every Realm," Elder Samuel clarified.

"Casting masters earn an identification tag from the Casting Guild as long as they pass the assessment!"

"And what is this tag used for, Elder?" Ricky asked, thinking in utilitarian terms. He was unwilling to waste his time on the assessment unless it would become useful.

"The use? It comes in handy," Bertha interjected.

"First of all, with the approval of the Casting Guild, you can be considered as a qualified casting master in the Misty South, — much like how the establishment of your Misty South Faction had to be approved by the other three Factions of the Snow Sect!

Secondly, the identification tag is equivalent to a travel pass of the Misty South. You will save quite a bit when you get in or out of anywhe

appens, even the Dominant Top Elder will have to think twice before he takes action to deal with him. None of the powerful warriors dare to be openly opposed to a member of the Casting Guild!"

"Not even you, Elder Logan? Aren't you one of the Elders of the Casting Guild in the Realm of Wilderness?" Harald asked.

"The internal strife is a big taboo in the Casting Guild! Unless I can become a casting master of Spirit Level, I have less mobility when it comes to dealing with annoyances like that Ricky!" Elder Logan answered.

"So we have to kill him before he takes the assessment, then. His talent really worries me quite a bit!"

"Elder Logan, is it really that serious? Although he has some talent, he still has an incomplete spiritual meridian after all!" said Harald, still unwilling to recognize the magnitude of Ricky's skills.

"Stupid boy! You still think that he only has an incomplete spiritual meridian?" Elder Logan scoffed.

"Elder Logan, do you mean..."

"Don't forget that the sect chief is in with this bastard. It is not impossible that he covered up something for him! We don't know what Zenith did to help Ricky stay alive in the Blizzard Cliff! We need to nip this in the bud.

Besides, he humiliated our Casting Faction in front of the whole Snow Sect! That was unforgivable!

You two, go tell the Refinement Faction! Tell the Endless Shadow so they can immediately prepare!" Elder Logan ordered, his fierce eyes ominous with hate.


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