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   Chapter 113 The Commitment To Amelia

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"From now on, The Misty South Faction is officially established. If somebody insists that they can defeat me, I will be ready to fight them at any time," Ricky said sternly, his sharp eyes wandering around.

He was met with total silence in the square.

Everyone had already seen the extent of his power and agreed that he was a real genius.

Sean, Harald and Connie clenched their fists, detesting how Ricky behaved in such a haughty way.

They had already missed the best opportunity. Even if they still wanted to, it would be impossible to stop the establishment of the Misty South Faction. If they did, Ricky and Grace didn't have to handle it as the disciples of the Snow Sect would blame it on them.

They tried to console themselves with the thought that it was not a pity for them to miss the golden opportunity this time.

After all, it would be virtually impossible for such a new faction to compete with long-established Refinement Faction and Casting Faction. In the days to come, it would never be too late for them to teach this so-called 'Misty South Faction' a lesson they wouldn't soon forget.

"I will extend my warm welcome to all the seniors and the juniors who want to join us. I believe that all of you have a rather good idea about what kind of people will be accepted into our faction. Please, don't waste your and our time if your nature is not befitting us," said Ricky.

He was proud of himself at this moment. The Misty South Faction was successfully established as a result of his efforts and the help from people who supported him.

Even if now, the numbers were small and the collective strength of the members was not powerful enough, Ricky believed that he would develop the faction to become a mighty one in the future.

The name of his faction would be well-known in the whole Misty South because of his conviction. But that was another story for another day.


The chaotic din of voices finally subsided as the Misty South Faction was formally established.

From then on, the strength of the Snow Sect would be more powerful due to the birth of

a hunch that it would be a large and difficult task that Amelia would ask him to help her with in the future. However, his pride would never let him decline her request.

"Ricky, I hope you can cultivate to become the most superior warrior in the road of martial arts," Amelia suddenly said, looking deeply at Ricky's eyes.

"It sounds like you might die after telling me something important," Ricky joked.

"Only if you die first," Amelia hissed.

... They continued to talk for a while, but then night fell. Ricky got up to leave.

He came home. Upon approaching the courtyard, he saw Bertha. She informed him that Elder Samuel had invited him to his place for something rather important.

And so, he immediately followed Bertha to Elder Samuel's room.

"Yes, Elder? Why have you summoned me?" Ricky asked.

"Ricky, I heard that you defeated Gennadi with your casting skills in the square," Elder Samuel said, getting to the point. "It means that you are qualified to become a casting master at the inferior Mortal Level!

You must know that there will be an appraisal of the Casting Guild after several days. Please, if you will— do join so you can show your skills and gain recognition from the real casting masters! What do you say?" Elder Samuel asked, a hopeful smile on his face.

"The Casting Guild? Tell me more about it, please!" Ricky said, a puzzled look on his face.

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