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   Chapter 112 He Is A Genius

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Two disciples at the sixth grade of Blood Purification called forth their spiritual energy and crashed into each other, with one holding Ricky's knife and the other holding Gennadi's sword.

Dozens of crashes later, the winner had been determined

when Gennadi's sword broke in half. It was clear that Ricky was the winner.

"Ricky wins, his weapon wins the challenge!" all disciples exclaimed.

What this told everyone was that Ricky was much more powerful at casting than Gennadi, an inferior Mortal Level casting master!

The square suddenly exploded into noise.

Ricky was a true genius!

No spiritual meridian, but so what? He was able to defeat such a powerful opponent like Gennadi when it came to casting skills!

"The Misty South Faction will be known throughout the whole Snow Land because of Ricky!" some disciples exclaimed.

''I want to join the Misty South Faction!" several female disciples said almost hysterically, utterly taken with Ricky.


The Casting Faction and the Refinement Faction felt the resentment and disappointment hit them quite hard. As for Gennadi, his anger boiled over.

He failed. As the top-ranked inner disciple of the Snow Sect, he was gifted in casting. How could he be defeated by a mere outer disciple like Ricky? This guy had an incomplete spiritual meridian and on top of that, had only stayed in the Snow Sect for less than a year!

He dug his fingernails into the palm of his hand, blood seeping out of the punctures.

Gennadi could not reconcile himself with his status as a loser.

He had to disband the Casting Faction once he failed. That was terrible.

On top of that, he hadn't been the true leader who dominated the Casting Faction! He was only its figurehead, in reality. How would he tell the real bosses that he was the reason that the faction was disbanded?

"Gennadi, resign from your position as head of the Casting Faction!" Sean said to him.

This order only deepened Gennadi's hatred towards Ricky, who had unexpectedly turned his life upside down.

"Gennadi, you failed. Now, you must keep your word as a true warrior!" Ricky said coldly as he turned to Gennadi.

Now everyone else was staring at Gennadi. They clearly knew that it was impossible


How humiliating to be beat by a lower ranking warrior in public! Such a great shame!

The day had started out with the Casting Faction and the Refinement Faction having every intention of humiliating Ricky and disbanding the Misty South Faction.

But ironically, both of their leaders had suffered shameful defeats from Ricky!

What was even more amazing was that Ricky had defeated the Casting Faction with casting and the Refinement Faction with bodily power!

He had beat them at their own game!

Even though Ricky's strength had kept surprising people through the months, it was only now that they began to have an inkling of just how fearsome his power was.

Anyone else who called himself a genius from now on would have to live up to the standards Ricky set.

"Bang!" Wyn fell to the ground with a grunt, so weak that he could not get up again.

"It seems that you are not so good, the so-called head of the Refinement Faction. If we were in the same level of power, you would not survive a single punch from his fist!" Ricky said coldly, drawing back his bloody fists.

"Ricky, don't be too arrogant!" Wyn hissed hoarsely, still able to muster anger in his spent body.

"If you didn't provoke me, I would not have given you a hard time. Fulfill your word now. You must resign from your position," Ricky said coldly. With this, he turned his back on the defeated Wyn who was cowering on the ground, and strode towards the Misty South Faction without a backward glance.

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