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   Chapter 111 Go Beyond One's Depth

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"Ricky, if you want the Snow Sect to recognize your Misty South Faction, you must ask for our permission first. Otherwise, your faction will be unacknowledged and invalid!"

exclaimed Gennadi and Wyn as they walked into the arena.

After their discussion, Gennadi and Wyn believed that Ricky would accept their condition.

"Ricky, let me do it!" said Autelan softly.

"Thank you for the offer Autelan, but I think that I have to do this myself," said Ricky calmly. He didn't want Autelan to take the risk for him, knowing it was his own battle to fight.

In Ricky's mind, he didn't need anyone's authorization over his faction's approval. He was frustrated at the thought of it. But if he would not do anything, then his faction would become unrecognized. He had the fighting spirit in him, and he would do anything for his faction.

The most infuriating part was that the Misty South Faction needed to get people's approval--even the approval of its enemies.

This was not something as simple as asking for the faction's formality from people. Given that condition, he must deal with it personally.

"Oh, finally. You're here." Gennadi and Wyn sneered after hearing what Ricky had said.

"According to the rules, we need to have a trial of strength to decide whether I am capable to establish a faction. If I remember it correctly, I would be the one to choose how we fight," said Ricky firmly.

"Choose whichever way you want. You are just going beyond your depth if you are no match for us," Gennadi snorted contemptuously.

"Don't count your chickens before they hatch. Victory hangs in the balance," said Ricky coldly.

"Gennadi, since you are the leader of the Casting Faction, I have decided to compete with you on casting. The warrior who makes the most powerful weapon shall be the winner," Ricky added.

Nobody believed on what they had just heard. Did Ricky just ask the leader of the Casting Faction, Gennadi, to a challenge of his niche? All the people present in the square thought that Ricky might have made a terrible decision.

Gennadi, the leader of Casting Faction, was the strongest person in this field. Anyone who would challenge Gennadi in this craft would just be rooting for his own defeat.

Ricky prepared himself for the casting. He read and understood the Chaos Manual, but something important was still missing-- he did not have an integral spiritual meridian. This might pose a problem for his match against Gennadi and the destruction of his faction.

"He must be crazy!" people who were present in the arena whispered.

"Ha-ha, Ha-ha!"

All the disciples of both the Casting Faction and the Refinement faction burst into laug

ed for Gennadi. They weren't able to hide in their faces the disappointment that this challenge might really cause Gennadi's faction to dismiss.

Sweat trickled down from Gennadi's forehead. He felt such immense pressure after seeing Ricky's Pounding Skill. He did not expect greatness from an underdog. After all, who would ever be greater than the master of casting like himself?

Gennadi was distracted.

"Gennadi, do not worry too much. Remember, he might have an edge with his Pounding Skill, but he has no match for your casting ability!" Sean communicated secretly with Gennadi through his internal power.

Gennadi gradually calmed down after hearing what Sean had said. It took away some nerves. 'What I need is focus, ' he thought to himself.

Gennadi channeled every strength of his being into focus. As soon as he reached his peak, he started to dwell into the zone of casting. He was more focused than ever.

Three hours passed, and they both had finished their work.

A knife and a sword.

"Take this. My sword is a weapon close to the intermediate Mortal Level!" said Gennadi confidently as he stared at his weapon.

After hearing what Gennadi had made, all disciples of the Casting Faction and the Refinement Faction gave out wows and applause.

"You are not the judge. Let your sword and my knife speak for themselves!" said Ricky.

"How?" Gennadi asked.

"It's very easy. Let us test our weapons. The first warrior to break his weapon loses. He has to abolish his faction. Remember our deal?" said Ricky.

"Let's to that!"


Gennadi and Ricky searched the crowd for two disciples at the intermediate stage of Blood Purification to test out their weapons. The battle between knife and sword would determine the fate of their respective factions.

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