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   Chapter 110 Powerful Supporter

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"Oh? Why do you disapprove of my faction?"

Ricky asked with a gentle smile, looking at these top ranking inner disciples. He of course had already anticipated that they would object.

"Because you and your faction are too weak," Wyn said harshly, his proud eyes dark with disdain. To him, Ricky and others who stood by him were weaker than ants.

"Well that reason is quite ridiculous. How are you qualified to judge the weak and the strong?" Ricky asked with a sneer.

"We don't care about other factions. But as for your faction, we are really qualified to judge. Because both of you are the weakest, and neither of us will ever allow the weak to exist," Gennadi sneered.

"Don't think for a second that you will be immune from us even if you have united with the Amber Faction. You must disband this faction immediately. Otherwise, we will disband it ourselves!"

"That's right, little man. Faction disputes aren't banned under the scope of the laws in the Snow Sect. Even if we destroy your incomplete spiritual meridian by accident, I'm afraid that our chief can't do a thing to oppose it," Wyn said mockingly.

"If you want to disband the Misty South Faction, you must consult our Amber Faction first!" Amelia said firmly, stepping to stand by Ricky's side.

"Amber Faction, we are not scared of you!" Gennadi said confidently. "Besides, since you've allied with the Misty South Faction, it's time for you to disband as well, Amber Faction!"

"How dare you say that!" Amelia hissed, anger creeping up into her eyes.

"You will know after thirty minutes whether I have the gall to back that up!" Wyn retorted.

"Ha-ha, well then let me see how you two plan to disband the Misty South Faction!" a stout voice called out from the group. Then from the crowd, Autelan leaped to the arena, dressed in a yellow robe. He looked at Gennadi and Wyn with a sly smile.

"Autelan! It is Autelan!" The inner and outer disciples marveled at the sight of the warrior who was so renowned but so infrequently seen.

Both Autelan and Ricky had begun their martial arts journeys without foundation and soon conquered many disciples. Although Autelan didn't hold any titles because he never engaged in co

be established today,"

the disciples murmured.

"Dear Olivia, have you joined the Misty South Faction, too?" Sean said, a hint of disappointment on his face. It could be deduced that he admired her greatly.

"Sean, we are quite unfamiliar with each other, wouldn't you say. You'd better drop the 'dear'!" Olivia said nonchalantly.

Hearing this, Sean's face grew red in embarassment. He looked away, trying not to further shame himself.

"Excuse me, who is the head of the Misty South Faction?" Sean asked, trying to recover from the blow Olivia had dealt with his feelings.

"I am!" Ricky stepped forward and said.

"Oh! It's you. Well, that makes things much easier!" Sean laughed ominously.

"As you all know, factions can only be established if they are legitimately recognized by other factions," Sean said loudly as he looked around to address the crowd. "Since the owner of the Misty South Faction always relies on his powerful supporters. How can we consent to the founding of the Misty South Faction?"

"Hear, hear! You're right!" Many disciples echoed, nodding their petulant heads.

"So, what do you want?" Ricky asked, clenching his jaw.

"It's quite simple. As long as you battle with the members of Casting Faction and Refinement Faction and earn their approval, then I and other disciples will recognize the Misty South Faction," Sean replied.

Hearing this, Gennadi and Wyn approached to the arena, expectant grins on their faces.

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