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   Chapter 109 The Name of ‘Misty South’

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Updated: 2019-07-19 01:00

"How was it? Now it's time to keep your promise, Master!" Ricky grinned.

"It seems you've revealed your true casting ability!" Grace replied.

"I had to. You can't make an omelet without breaking some eggs," said Ricky, chuckling. "Moreover, I didn't lose anything because of that. It was just a little bit of my method that I taught Olivia."

"Well, I just hope you won't be quickly surpassed by your disciple," said Grace, raising an eyebrow.


The subsequent days saw Ricky and Edgar continue their recruitment for members among the outer disciples.

As for the inner disciples, they wouldn't approach them yet. After all, it would be a difficult task as they didn't know any of them and their natures and personalities in the least.

Their rules and principles about recruiting members were that they would have to always primarily consider their nature and personality.

Vivian, an old friend of Ricky, joined in without hesitation. In addition to Vivian, they also found ten more members, all of whom had been bullied by the Refinement and Casting Faction and also worshiped Ricky.

While Ricky and Edgar were recruiting members, the news that Ricky was planning to found a faction had now spread to most of the Snow Sect, like a tornado that travelled with the fastest winds.

The members of the Refinement and Casting Faction laughed their heads off when they heard that.

As expected, they also remarked unkindly that as long as Ricky pushed for the establishment of his faction, they would definitely cause him some grief.


"This continent is called the Misty South, so I'd like to call our faction the 'Misty South Faction.' I hope one day, everyone will know the name of our faction as THE FACTION of this continent!" Ricky said, his eyes shining with aspiration.

And so it came to be that the 'Misty South Faction' was born.

Edgar, Grace and the others had no objection to this.

Besides, they didn't know the true meaning of this 'Misty South' in Ricky's mind. If they had, they would think he was out of his mind.

He wanted his faction to be famous in the whole continent? He should be elatedly satisfied if it could just survive in the Snow Land!


Soon enough, Ricky stood in the main square of the Snow Sect and announced that the Misty South Faction was officially established.

Ricky, Edga

nst them.

Ricky, too, was in shock. This was an unexpected pronouncement that he had not been informed of.

Immediately, Ricky turned to look at Bertha.

However, Bertha shook her head, her eyes darting to Amelia. Obviously, it had all been Amelia's idea.

Ricky understood, his heart beating like a drum.

"What is Amelia doing? Does she really want to ally with me? Why!?" Ricky was confused and a stream of questions ran through his head, but he could not ask her just yet.

Although Amelia had personally invited him to join the Amber Faction and also appreciated him from the start. At this point, she was in no way obligated to help him.

"Amelia, please reconsider carefully before you make up your mind!" Gennadi and Wyn said at the same time. They were putting pressure on her, alarmed at the shift in power dynamics that was now taking place.

"What makes you think I haven't thought this through?" Amelia said sweetly, smiling softly.

This meant that Amelia no longer cared about them. She looked at Ricky with her beautiful eyes and smiled. "Ricky, I've shown you where I stand. Don't you have anything to say to me?"

"Of course, I'm honored, Amelia. From now on, I'll do anything to support the Amber Faction! We are allies!" Ricky laughed.

"That's exactly what I want to hear, Ricky!" Amelia laughed as well, her shining eyes filled with joy.

"Don't you celebrate too soon!" Gennadi and Wyn said again, "Because we don't agree with the establishment of the Misty South Faction!" They stood tall and looming, trying to intimidate Ricky.

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