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   Chapter 108 Arrival Of Autelan

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"Elder Samuel, I'm very sorry... you know that my interests lie more with martial arts!" said Ricky after Elder Samuel's impassioned speech. He was at a loss for what to do.

"Right! Well! Sorry for my forwardness. Besides, between you and I, it would be such a waste for a genius like you to be my apprentice," said Elder Samuel, waving his hand to conceal the embarrassment he felt.

"Ricky, what's wrong with you? How can you refuse my Master?" Bertha approached Ricky and whispered, "You are embarrassing Master in front of us!"

Ricky suddenly became upset at this, not knowing what to say. He had been careless of the social dynamics.

"Ricky, do you mind if you come with me to discuss the art of casting in private?" Elder Samuel said, as if the offer of apprenticeship had never happened. His manner of speaking was as though he was inviting a master who was his equal.

His actions were clearly shocking to Bertha and Olivia, and made them feel that Ricky's Pounding Skill probably meant a lot more than what they could imagine. What could it be, exactly!?

Gradually, Edgar came to understand what the implications of Ricky's casting were. He thought in disbelief, 'It's amazingly hard to believe that not only is Ricky a genius of martial arts, but also a rare genius of casting.

Even though Ricky has an incomplete spiritual meridian, I know in my heart that he will likely play an outstanding role in the Snow Land, hell, even beyond it!'

"How can I refuse Elder Samuel?" said Ricky with a slight smile, getting up to follow Elder Samuel.


Later, the several of them returned together to Elder Samuel's house and began to talk about casting skills.

Although Ricky didn't have any experience, he just divulged some of the things he had comprehended from the Devouring Skill, and this in itself was sufficient to keep Elder Samuel, Bertha and Olivia lost in thought for half a day.

On the other hand, Ricky learned a lot of valuable experiences, too.

Ricky, knowing that generosity would be rewarded, passed on to them a piece of the Pounding Skill from the Devouring Skill.

The three casting afficionados were visibly overwhelmed by the excitement.

"Ricky, what w

y are you angry?"

Autelan was actually here! Grace and Heather exchanged looks of shock.

"Don't mess with me! How did you fool Olivia into joining your pathetic faction?" shouted Autelan.

"My brother, Autelan. What unfair blame you put on my shoulders! The only reason she joined me was of her own will." Ricky said, "You know me and my power so well. I would never force it."

"Is it because Olivia wants to learn casting skills from you?" asked Autelan, coming closer and closer.

"Well, you've proven a genius once again! You have guessed precisely. As long as you join my pathetic faction, I promise to help you win her heart.

Otherwise, Olivia will always ask me for advice. We'd be spending a lot of time together that I would find it hard to guarantee that nothing would happen between us!" Ricky said in a low tone.

"How dare you!?" growled Autelan, his usually cool brow now furrowed.

"Well, it totally depends on you, buddy," said Ricky with sly smile.

"Oh, Ricky! You are good, too good! Count me in!" Autelan said resentfully. "You're really making me regret saving your life in the first place! It would have been better if I'd just let that man from the West Vanity Valley kill you!"

"Ha-ha, Autelan, this is the fate between us. The universe says so!"

"Get out of my face! There is no fate that binds us!" Autelan shouted, whirling around and leaving.

Ricky now looked at Grace and Heather, the looks on their faces priceless.

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